What is the role of the discussion director?

What is the role of the discussion director?

Your job is to organize the discussion: you will monitor the time, make sure all members contribute to the discussion, and generally keep things on task. In addition to their roles, group members will also bring things they have questions about or don’t understand in the reading.

Who is responsible for ensuring that all members of the literature circle participate in a discussion?

The Discussion Director
The Discussion Director is also responsible for ensuring that all members participate in the discussion a nd that the participants keep on task, redirecting the discussion as necessary.

What is the role of a Summarizer?

Summarizer’s Role: Your role is to write a brief, one-paragraph long summary of today’s reading. You will start the discussion by reading your summary, so make sure you include the key points, important parts, and general idea of the assignment. Remember, SWBST!

What is a vocabulary Enricher?

The Vocabulary Enricher clarifies word meanings and pronunciations. In this role, the person writes how the word was used in the story and looks up each word in the dictionary. This person would also find the correct definition of the word.

How do you set up a lit circle?

Here are five tips that will help you to create literature circles that work:

  1. Set Clear Expectations. We often expect students to automatically know how to function in different settings.
  2. Give Every Student a Role.
  3. Create Routine.
  4. Use Timers.
  5. Individual Accountability.

What is the role of investigator in reading circle?

Investigator: Your job is to dig up some background information on any topic related to the book.

What is the teacher’s role in a literature circle?

In order for a literature circle to be effective, the teacher must provide guidance and support. Choice: In Literature circles, students are usually allowed to select one of several books to study. The opportunity to make their own (guided) choice leads students to feel more engaged and motivated.

What is a lit group?

What are they? Literature Circles are small groups of students who meet to discuss a piece of literature which they have chosen. Each member of the circle is assigned a role which helps guide the discussion.

How often should lit circles meet?

1-2 times per week
With Lit Circles my students meet 1-2 times per week as a group to discuss the book. Students must come to the meeting with a favorite quote, three questions for their classmates and having read up to the designated point in the book.