What is the purpose of a challenge course?

What is the purpose of a challenge course?

A challenge ropes course is a mixture of mental, emotional, and physical challenges requiring groups to perform as a team to accomplish predetermined goals. Through a series of fun and unusual scenarios, participants learn beneficial information about themselves, each other, and as a group.

What are low elements activities?

Low Elements

  • Low Elements are great interaction and communication tools that encourage teamwork and leadership among participants. Participants also learn to be responsible for the safety of their team mates apart from their own.
  • Giant’s Finger.
  • Low Wall.
  • Mohawk Walk.
  • TP Shuffle.
  • Whale Watch.
  • Trust Fall.
  • Wild Woozey.

What is wild woozy?

The commitment bridge has two foot cables that form. a “Y” between trees or poles. The objective is work with a partner to try to go as. far along the cables as possible without falling.

What is Nitro Crossing?

The Challenge and Objectives. The entire group must cross a “ravine,” carrying with them a container of “nitro” fluid. Group members may not touch the ground or spill any of the nitro. Once team members cross the ravine, they must all fit within three hula hoops placed on the ground.

What is high rope?

A high ropes course is built in the trees or made of utility poles and involves crawling, abseiling and climbing around obstacles up to 50 feet in the air. Participants wear harnesses and are attached to a safety line before tackling ladders, bridges, tunnels and zip lines.

What equipment do you need for high ropes course?

Participants who come to the ropes course will be issued a helmet and a harness before they are allowed to take on any high element obstacle….Climbing at our Ropes Course

  • Helmets. The helmets used at the ropes course are one of the primary safety gear used .
  • Harness.
  • Carabiners.

What kind of adventure courses are offered by the Mountaineering institutes of India?

It provides various courses like adventure course, Basic Mountaineering Course, Advance Mountaineering Course, Search and Rescue Course (the only institute in India providing this course), Methods of Instruction Course, etc.

Which is better NIM or HMI?

The trek in HMI goes on relatively higher altitude than NIM and are longer on everyday. Situated on higher altitude than NIM, the base camp of HMI offers more splendid view of surrounding peaks. The hostel of HMI and NIM are both well maintained and have all the required facilities.

What is AMC and BMC?

Primarily there are four types of mountaineering courses; Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC), Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC), Search and Rescue (SAR) and Method of Instruction (MOI). BMC and AMC are normally for duration of 28 days, while SAR and MOI could vary from 15-21 days.