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What is the national record for the 100 meters?

What is the national record for the 100 meters?


Event Record Date
100 m 9.69 (+2.0 m/s) September 20, 2009
200 m 19.32 (+0.4 m/s) August 1, 1996
200 m (straight) 19.41 (−0.4 m/s) May 16, 2010
300 m 30.85 A March 24, 2000

What is the 100m world record for a 16 year old?


Event Record Age
100 m 10.15 (+2.0 m/s) 16 years, 207 days
200 m 19.84 (+0.3 m/s) 17 years, 149 days
300 m 32.90 17 years, 5 days
400 m 44.84 A 17 years, 70 days

Did Finland send athletes to the Olympics?

Finland first participated at the Olympic Games in 1908, and has sent athletes to compete in every Summer Olympic Games and every Winter Olympic Games since then….

Finland at the Olympics
Website (in Finnish)
Medals Ranked 16th Gold 146 Silver 150 Bronze 184 Total 480
Summer appearances

How many athletes from Finland are in the Olympics?

Finland at the 2020 Summer Olympics
NOC Finnish Olympic Committee
Website (in Finnish and Swedish)
in Tokyo, Japan
Competitors 45 in 11 sports

Who is the fastest junior in the world?

Report29 Apr 2013. Japanese teenager Yoshihide Kiryu has equalled the World junior 100m record* with a 10.01 (0.9m/s) clocking at the Mikio Oda Memorial in Hiroshima today (29).

Which country has won the most Olympic medals in cross country skiing?

Norway collected 39 medals in 2018, the largest haul by any country in a single Winter Olympics. The overall performance included 14 gold medals with seven coming in the nation’s top sport, cross country skiing. The country also earned 14 silver medals and 11 bronze medals.