What is the message of the song of Where is the Love?

What is the message of the song of Where is the Love?

In June 2003, the Black Eyed Peas released hit song “Where Is the Love?” in response to the 9/11 terror attacks. Its lyrics addressed issues including terrorism, racism, gang crime, pollution, war, intolerance, and violence against LGBT people.

Did David Bowie write Satellite of Love?

“Satellite of Love” is a song by Lou Reed. It is the second single from his 1972 album Transformer….Satellite of Love.

“Satellite of Love”
Length 3:42
Label RCA Records
Songwriter(s) Lou Reed
Producer(s) David Bowie, Mick Ronson

Who wrote the song Satellite of Love?

Lou ReedSatellite Of Love / ComposerLewis Allan Reed was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and poet. He was the guitarist, singer, and principal songwriter for the rock band the Velvet Underground and had a solo career that spanned five decades. Wikipedia

Who plays piano on satellite of Love?

David Bowie, who used lots of space imagery in his own work, produced this track and sang backup vocals. Regular Bowie sideman Mick Ronson played both piano and recorder on this track. In the 1987 Def Leppard hit “Rocket,” the line in the chorus, “Satellite of love,” is a reference to this song.

What problems could you identify from the song Where is the Love?

Although initially intended as a vessel to post-9/11 anxiety, the song discusses many issues including terrorism, US government hypocrisy, racism, gang crime, pollution, war and intolerance, with the call for love in the chorus as the element tying these together.

Why is it called Satellite of Love?

The inspiration for the name itself was the Lou Reed song. MST3K creator Joel Hodgson confirms this: Well, obviously Satellite of Love is from Lou Reed. And, I just thought the song had such a strange quality to it so I really wanted to drop a reference to Lou Reed, he launched so many ships musically.

How many satellites does Jupiter have?

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Planet / Dwarf Planet Confirmed Moons Total
Jupiter 53 79
Saturn 53 82
Uranus 27 27
Neptune 14 14

How does the song Where Is the Love explain the importance of human rights?

The song “Where is the love?” by The Black Eyed Peas primarily exemplifies the theme regarding human rights through the relationship between the individual and society. In their song, The Black Eyed Peas describe many of the tragedies constantly occurring throughout the world.

Why is the Satellite of Love shaped like a dog bone?

A: The shape of the S.O.L. came about because the Demon Dogs that had attacked the ship in an early episode were attracted to it because it looked like a bone.