What is the meaning of balija?

What is the meaning of balija?

Definition of Balija : a member of a numerous caste of traders of Madras and Madhya Pradesh states, India.

What is Balija caste in Tamilnadu?

David Rudner claims that the Balija Chettis became a separate caste from the Balija Nayak warriors as recent as the 19th century; and accordingly they have closer kinship ties to the Nayak warriors than to Chetti merchants. According to Kanakalatha Mukund, the Balija merchants of Tamil Nadu are called Kavarai.

What is goala caste?

Gowala or Ghosh (also spelled as Goala) is a subcaste of Ahir/Yadav community, found from Indian state of Assam, Tripura and Himachal Pradesh and the neighbouring states of Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab and Chandigarh. Traditionally they are herdsman or milkman and considered as a prosperous community.

Which caste is Balija?

Balija Naidu is a social group found mainly in southern states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They are considered to be a sub caste of Kapu with ‚Kapu‚„ meaning ‚protector‚„ in Telugu. The two chief languages spoken by Balija Naidus are Telugu and Kannada.

What is linga Balija caste?

​Linga Balija. — The Linga Balijas (traders) are summed up, in the Madras Census Report, 1901, as a ​Lingāyat sub-caste of Balija. In a note on Lingāyats, Mr. R. C. C.

Is Balija a Kapu?

Balija caste is basically a trading caste of India. This merchant community is mainly spread over the southern region of the country. They are found in states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Balija caste is sometimes considered as the sub-caste of Kapu tribe.

Is Krishna a Golla?

The community, due to its size, has a great number of sub-castes, including: Yerra, Mushti, Karine, Pakinati, Puja, Modateetta, Nallasadana, Gujarathi, Gampa, Peyya, Veyya, Kuruma and Sidda. The Kannada-speaking Hanabaru or Krishna Golla are also considered to be a sub-caste.

Who is OBC Assam?

Central List of Other Backward Castes (OBCs): Assam

State : Assam
9 Ghosh, Gop, Gowala, Gawala, Goal, Goala
10 Kumar, Rudra Paul of districts of Cachar, Karimganj & Hailakandi
11 Kupadhar, Kushiari, Parh
12 Mahisya Das, Mahisya

Which caste is balija?

Is Balija a OBC?

In 1994, the Balija community was included in 3A category of the backward caste list in Karnataka, which deprived them of education and employment benefits, he said.