What is the mantra of White Tara?

What is the mantra of White Tara?

This is a beautiful layered mantra calling on White Tara for her Divine Love, compassion, wisdom and protection: oṃ tāre tuttāre ture mama āyuḥ-puṇya-jñāna-puṣṭiṃ kuru svāhā. Ocean waves come in and out of the background in the spirit of her purification.

What does White Tara help with?

As one of the three deities of long life, White Tara (Saraswati) is associated with longevity. White Tara counteracts illness and thereby helps to bring about a long life. She embodies the motivation that is compassion and is said to be as white and radiant as the moon.

What is the difference between Green Tara and White Tara?

White Tara embodies grace and serenity and the love of a mother for her child; Green Tara embodies activity. Together, they represent boundless compassion that is active in the world both day and night. Tibetans pray to White Tara for healing and longevity.

What does White Tara symbolize?

The White Tara (Sanskrit: Sitatara; Tibetan: Sgrol-dkar) was incarnated as the Chinese princess. She symbolizes purity and is often represented standing at the right hand of her consort, Avalokiteshvara, or seated with legs crossed, holding a full-blown lotus. She is generally shown with a third eye.

Which Tara mantra is good for health?

08/8White Tara Mantra Those asking for good health and compassion must chant the mantra “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jnana Pustim Kuru Soha”. This mantra is to be chanted only when you have positive feelings and intentions for someone else’s good.

What does the White Tara Buddha mean?

How do you pray to goddess Tara?

  1. Goddess Tara has her left foot forward.
  2. Tara first appeared as a deity in Hinduism, but was later adopted by Buddhism.
  3. The code to get her divine blessings are:-
  4. ॐ ह्रीं स्त्रीम हुम् फट स्वाहा (Om Hreem Streem Hum Phat Swaha)
  5. One has to chant this mantra/code with utmost sincerity and devotion 108 times every Thursday.