What is the main theme of The Shadow Lines?

What is the main theme of The Shadow Lines?

The Shadow Lines centers on the relationship between freedom and how people try to achieve that freedom. In this way, the novel seeks to parse out the meanings of different kinds of freedom and how one’s perception of freedom influences their identity.

What is shadow line according to Amitav?

It is a book that captures perspective of time and events, of lines that bring people together and hold them apart; lines that are clearly visible from one perspective and nonexistent from another; lines that exist in the memory of one, and therefore in another’s imagination.

Who is the narrator of the story The Shadow Lines?

Answer: In The Shadow Lines, the narrator is nameless whereas, in the novel In an Antique Land, Ghosh himself enters the book as a research scholar. The narrator of Ghosh is omnipresent and pretends to know everything. It makes judgment upon characters leading to polyphonic or multi-voiced narratives.

What is the theme of the partition in shadow lines?

Amitav Ghosh upholds the theme of partition to be the cause of human sufferings through the character of Tha’mma. Ghosh’s primary argument in the novel is that the frontiers are constructed to separate one nation from another and these frontiers are not real but mere shadows.

What is the genre of The Shadow Lines?

Political fictionReference work
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What is the profession of tridib?

As an adult, Tridib is the only one in his family to not take after his wealthy father and get a high-powered, international job. Instead, he remains in his grandmother’s home in Calcutta and pursues a PhD in archaeology.

What is a shadow line?

Definition of shadow line 1 : the edge of the shadow of the gnomon of a sundial. 2 : a thickened line in a linear drawing of an object supposed to be illuminated by parallel rays of light indicating the edges farthest from the source of light.

What is the narrative technique and imagery and characters used in Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh?

Ghosh employs the technique of looking back to memories to narrate the events of the past. The historical moments in the novel are interwoven into a compelling tale by using memory as a narrative technique. The narrator in The Shadow Lines summons up an array of recollections in a web of connections.

What is the nature of narrator in The Shadow Lines?

Time and distance in The Shadow Lines are illusory. The novel moves back and forth and the events are not narrated sequentially. The narrator is a man with great and penetrating insight. He cannot only peep into the past and future but also into the lives of characters.

Who is Jethamoshai in shadow lines?

Jethamoshai is the uncle of Mayadebi and Tha’mma. When the girls were little, he was an eccentric man and was difficult to take seriously—though he was sometimes frightening because of his skeletally thin frame and piercing eyes.

How many pages is The Shadow Lines?

256The Shadow Lines / Page count

What is grandmother’s idea of time in The Shadow Lines?

In The Shadow Lines, the grandmother’s understanding of time is that it’s like a toothbrush. If it isn’t used, then it’ll go moldy. And wasted time, like a moldy toothbrush, begins to stink.