What is the main conflict in okay for now?

What is the main conflict in okay for now?

The novel’s main conflict revolves around Mr. Swietek’s alcoholism and abusive behaviors toward his family. Other conflicts can be found in Christopher’s consistently being accused of stealing (he is not), and Lucas’ need to adapt to his injuried from the Vietnamese War….. injuries that have changed his life forever.

What is the climax of okay for now?

At the novel’s climax, Mrs. Windemere has Doug and Lil (who is now Doug’s girlfriend), act in her new play about Jane Eyre. Doug is supposed to have a minor role, but he must play Jane when Lil becomes ill just before the performance.

What happens in chapter 1 of okay for now?

Chapter 1 Summary. Doug Swieteck’s most prized possession is a signed baseball cap given to him by his hero, the great Joe Pepitone. It is “the only thing [he] ever owned that hadn’t belonged to some other Swieteck before [him].” Despite his efforts to keep it safe, however, Doug’s brother wrestles the cap…

What is the setting of okay for now?

Long Island, New York. Long Island, New York is the place where the Swietecks live when the novel opens. The Swietecks leave Long Island to move upstate after Mr. Switeck gets in a fight with his boss and loses his job at the local lumber company.

What is Doug Swieteck Brothers name?

Doug Swieteck He is the youngest member of his family and has two older brothers, Lucas and Christopher.

How old is Lil in okay for now?

Lil was being sarcastic. She’s also 14.

Why is coach Reed giving Doug a new gym shirt significant?

What does Coach Reed give him? A new gym shirt to replace the one he tore. Why does Doug confront Lucas and what happens? Doug things he isn’t trying to get better and he takes Lucas’s bandages off.

Who is the antagonist in okay for now?

There are many antagonists in the book: Doug’s dad, Principal Peattie, the gym teacher and his “villainous” middle brother Christopher. All of the antagonists want to deny Doug any self-respect or respect from others.

How does learning about Audubon’s drawings of birds Impact Doug?

As his friendship with Lil grows, he also finds inspiration in the illustrated plates of John James Audubon’s Birds of America. Discovering the rare book on display in the local library, Doug quickly becomes enamored with the illustrations and is encouraged by the librarian to draw the birds himself.

What did Doug do in PE class while the rest of the students participated in the wrestling unit?

In PE class, he decides to run the cross-country course while the rest of the class does the Wrestling Unit, and Coach Reed sees him but does not stop him.

Why did Lil offer Doug a job at her father’s Deli?

Doug also meets a girl named Lillian “Lil” Spicer, on whom he eventually has a crush. Lil’s father owns a deli, and hires Doug as a delivery boy, which lets him get to know other residents of Marysville.

Who are the main characters in okay for now?

Doug Swieteck. Doug, a boy in junior high, is the main character of Okay for Now.

  • Lucas Swieteck. Lucas is Doug’s oldest brother.
  • Mr. Swieteck.
  • Christopher Swieteck. Christopher is the middle Swieteck brother.
  • Ernie Eco.
  • Mr.
  • Lillian “Lil” Spicer.
  • Mr. Powell.