What is the logo of Inner Wheel?

What is the logo of Inner Wheel?

The circular motion of the wheel as symbol of International Inner Wheel depicts continuous ‘service’ and ever-expanding ‘friendship’. The Inner Wheel consists of two gear wheels, one inside the other, with six spokes radiating outward from the centre hub. The outside teeth represent clubs around the world.

What is the objectives of Inner Wheel?

The International Inner Wheel objectives are (a) promoting true friendship, (b) encouraging the ideals of personal service, and (c) fostering international understanding. The International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s voluntary organisations in the world.

What is Inner Wheel Day?

The first meeting was held on 10 January 1924 when 27 ladies attended. This date is now known as “International Inner Wheel Day”. This organisation was originally established for the wives and daughters of Rotarians although no Rotary connection is now required.

Which was the first Inner Wheel district in the world?

The First Inner Wheel Club of the world – The Manchester Club (England) – was born on the 10th January 1924. This day is observed as the Inner Wheel Day.

What is pink first in Inner Wheel?

The United Nations’ 4th World Conference on Women organised in Beijing China in 1995 has brought steps forward in some areas of women’s and girls’ lives, but poverty, discrimination and violence are still present in their lives. WOMEN HELPING WOMEN is the orientation of Presidential Theme 2021-22 PINK FIRST.

What is the motto of Inner Wheel Club?

Friendship and Service
The Inner Wheel motto is Friendship and Service.

What is the motto of Inner Wheel?

Is Inner Wheel Parts of Rotary?

Rotary and Inner Wheel have been working in partnership for nearly a century, and still many Rotarians do not know about Inner Wheel. As the name implies, the inner wheel is an integral part of a rotary wheel, supportive, yet independent, with its own mechanics and goals.

Who was the founder of Inner Wheel?

Margarette GoldingInner Wheel Club / Founder
Inside the Inner Wheel History The Founder of the Inner Wheel, Mrs. Oliver Golding, (nèe Margarette Owen), was of Welsh extraction.

Is inner wheel part of Rotary?

Inner Wheel was formed in support of Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland in 1924, united into the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain & Ireland in 1934 and became International in 1967.

Is inner wheel a charity?

The charity that saves lives at sea. Inner Wheel have donated two lifeboats – “Inner Wheel” which was launched in 1984 in Poole – the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs.

What is ISO in Inner Wheel Club?

International Service Organizer (I.S.O.) in true words is the Ambassador of Friendship. Inner Wheel binds up with Friendship and Service. Friendship is the key of happiness in life. Our Organization, Inner Wheel is a service oriented Organization. We aim to provide service to the Society in a collective manner.

What is inner wheel at the UN?

The representatives of Inner Wheel at the UN are coordinated every year by the current International Vice President. The representatives follow and assist the work sessions of the commissions regarding important themes as : Human Rights, Rights of the Children, Conditions of Woman, the family, the Elderly and Drugs.

What is women together inner wheel?

Find out more Women Together Inner Wheel is where dedicated women share their friendship, passion for community service and take action to create lasting change. Find out more

What is Inner Wheel Club hoarding in Kerala?

The Inner Wheel Club image soared sky high as a 1250 sq. ft. sized hoarding dominated a busy stretch of the Kaloor-Kadavanthara road in Ernakulam city in Cochin. IWC Cochin, taking a cue from National President Mamta Gupta’s emphasis on branding Inner Wheel, hoisted the massive hoarding.