What is the difference between the ventrogluteal and Dorsogluteal sites?

What is the difference between the ventrogluteal and Dorsogluteal sites?

Background: Although the dorsogluteal region is frequently used for intramuscular injections, the ventrogluteal region is suggested as a more secure injection site due to its distance to the neurovascular structures. However, there are no measurements regarding the distances of these structures.

What is the ventrogluteal area?

The ventrogluteal injection site is an area on the most prominent part of the hip that’s considered the preferred site for intramuscular injections. Experts say it’s one of the safest areas for such injections because of the thick thigh muscles in the area. There are also fewer blood vessels and nerves in that area.

What is the Dorsogluteal site?

The two most commonly referenced intramuscular injection sites are the dorsogluteal, ventrogluteal sides in the gluteal region for adults. Historically the dorsogluteal injection side is the main side for injection. This site been used by nurses for years as the target of choice for intramuscular injections.

What is the Ventrogluteal injection position?

You should lie on your side with the side of your body that you’ll be using for the injection facing up. Bend your knee on the side of your body that you’ll be using for the injection. Have your friend, family member, or caregiver, place the palm of their hand on the greater trochanter of the femur.

Why is the ventrogluteal site preferred over Dorsogluteal?

The reason that most medical professionals prefer this site to others for safety is that this site contains no major blood vessels. This makes it a much more friendly and safe site to injection, as opposed to the dorsogluteal site, which is very close to the sciatic nerve.

What are the pros of using the ventrogluteal site?

Comparing dorsogluteal and ventrogluteal IM injection sites Advantages: Free from major blood vessels and nerves. Consistent thinness of subcutaneous tissue (fat) over injection site.

Where is the Dorsogluteal muscle located?

Buttocks. The dorsogluteal muscle is the large muscle located in your buttocks.

How many ml is a ventrogluteal?

The ventrogluteal muscle can accommodate up to 2.5 ml, with a maximum volume of 3 ml. The rectus femoris and vastus lateralis remain the recommended sites for volumes up to 5 ml in adults. A maximum of 2 ml is recommended for older adults and thin patients.

What are the landmarks for Ventrogluteal injection site?

Giving an IM injection into the ventrogluteal site

  • Find the trochanter.
  • Find the anterior iliac crest.
  • Place the palm of your hand over the trochanter.
  • Give the injection between the knuckles on your index and middle fingers.
  • Stretch the skin tight.
  • Hold the syringe like a pencil or dart.

Why is the Dorsogluteal site not recommended?

Because of the sciatic nerve location, the dorsogluteal muscle is not recommended as an injection site. If a needle hits the sciatic nerve, the patient may experience partial or permanent paralysis of the leg.

Why is the ventrogluteal site not recommended?

Conclusion. It can be stated that the majority of the nurses did not prefer the ventrogluteal site for intramuscular injection; the reasons for not preferring this method were a lack of knowledge on determining the site and concern about harming the patients.

What is the difference between ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal injection?

Due to the location of the injection site, the ventrogluteal injection site is only slightly easier to reach than the dorsogluteal site, but those who are injecting themselves mostly find it easier than trying to twist and turn to find the other location.

What is a ventrogluteal area?

Ventrogluteal Definition The ventrogluteal area is the area in which intramuscular injections are performed.  The ventrogluteal muscle area is often preferred for the administration of intramuscular injections, as it allows for the rapid absorption of the injected medication.

Where is The dorsogluteal im site?

Where is the dorsogluteal im site? The first thing to understand about the dorsogluteal im site is where it is located. For a visual, you should divide the buttocks into four quadrants. To locate the site of injection you will simply find the upper and outer section of that grid. It is located high on the buttocks, near the thigh.

What are the benefits of dorsogluteal injection site?

One of the main benefits of dorsogluteal injection site is that it is very easy to locate. This means that even for a beginner to TRT and injections, it will be easy to find the location where you are supposed to put the injection.