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What is the difference between IR and PIR sensor?

What is the difference between IR and PIR sensor?

The IR sensors detect whether the light from the transmitter is emitted by an object or a person. Whereas, the PIR sensors detect changes in the levels of energy around the area.

Does PIR motion sensor work at night?

Since infrared energy is present and can be detected regardless of the amount of light in the environment, a PIR motion sensor will work just fine in the dark. Likewise, a dual-tech motion sensor will also work just fine in the dark.

What is the use of PIR sensor?

PIR sensors are used in thermal sensing applications, such as security and motion detection. They are commonly used in security alarms, motion detection alarms, and automatic lighting applications.

Does PIR Sensor work in sunlight?

1. Keep PIR sensors 10–15 feet away from heat sources like radiators, heating vents, and sunny windows. Motion sensors can trip upon detecting a swift change in heat, even that of a cloud passing quickly over direct sunlight in your living room.

Does PIR motion sensor work in daylight?

The motion sensor itself works 24/7, but the lights only come on with motion at night. You can also set the lights to stay on dimly all day til dusk.

What is hc-sr501 PIR sensor?

Here we will discuss the introduction of the HC-SR501 PIR Sensor module, sensor pin diagram/pinout, sensor hardware overview, How PIR Sensor Module Works, its Specifications, and applications. The PIR sensor is a specially designed electronic sensor that can able to measure or detect Infrared (IR) radiation.

What is a PIR sensor?

It is a low cost sensor which can detect the presence of Human beings or animals. This HC-SR501 PIR sensor module has three output pins Vcc, Output and Ground as shown in the pin diagram above. Since the output pin is 3.3V TTL logic it can be used with any platforms like Arduino, Raspberry, PIC, ARM, 8051 etc..

How long does it take for the hc-sr501 to initialize?

Just like other PIR sensors, the HC-SR501 needs some time to initialize and adjust to the infrared levels in the room. This takes approximately 1 minute when it is first powered up. Try to eliminate any motion in front of the sensor during this period.

What is the voltage range of the hc-sr501?

This means you can power the board with a large DC voltage range, typically 5 V is used. The specifications of the HC-SR501 are given in the table below, note that there might be small differences between manufacturers. On the back of the board you will find two potentiometers and a jumper, which you can use to adjust several parameters: