What is the deterioration of concrete?

What is the deterioration of concrete?

Erosion is the deterioration of concrete surface as a result of particles in moving water scrubbing the surface. When concrete surface is exposed to the water-borne sand and gravel, the surface gets deteriorated by particles scrubbing against the surfaces. Flowing ice particles can also cause the problem.

What are the causes of deterioration of concrete?

Main Causes of Concrete Deterioration Are:

  • Corrosion of Rebars or Other Embedded Metals. Exposure of R.C concrete to chloride ions.
  • Freezing and Thawing. Expansion of Aggregates.
  • Chemical Attack. Exposure to Acid Attack.
  • Alkali-Aggregate Action.
  • Abrasion or Erosion of Concrete Surfaces.
  • Fire and Heat Action.
  • Volume Changes.

How can we prevent concrete degradation?

Deterioration of concrete can also be prevented by treating the concrete with solutions of suitable salts or even acids in minor concentration. 10. The durability of concrete can also be increased by impregnating the pores with a suitable polymer.

What are the causes of deterioration?

The primary source and causes of deterioration and decay in structures and buildings can be listed as follows:

  • Human.
  • Chemical.
  • Atmospheric.
  • Structural.
  • Moisture.
  • Fire.
  • Faulty Design.
  • Faulty Construction.

What are the effects of deterioration of concrete?

Deterioration typically results in: Cracking in the structural member – from corrosion, fatigue, chemical attack, construction defects, loading or repeated movement. Loss of strength in the structural material – from corrosion and fatigue of reinforcement; chemical or frost attack in concrete and fire or explosion.

What are the basic activities which must be carried out to prevent deterioration of concrete?

Preventive measures: • Use of low water cement ratio. Adequate air entrainment has been found effective to control the freezing damage. Use of durable aggregate • Designing the structure to minimize the exposure to moisture i.e. providing positive drainage rather than flat surfaces.

What is the process of deterioration?

Definition of deterioration : the action or process of becoming impaired or inferior in quality, functioning, or condition : the state of having deteriorated rust deterioration the deterioration of academic standards.

What is the mechanisms of deterioration?

Physically – induced deterioration is caused by freeze–thaw loads, non-uniform volume changes, temperature gradients, abrasion, erosion, or cavitation. Chemically-induced deterioration consists of carbonation, corrosion of steel reinforcement, sulfate and acid attacks, or alkali–aggregate reactions.

What is durability of concrete and its importance?

The durability of concrete is vital with regards to a structure’s lifespan. The importance of concrete durability cannot be underestimated. Concrete durability is simply defined as its ability to resist weathering action and chemical attack, while maintaining the desired engineering properties.