What is the cost of Maharaja Express in India?

What is the cost of Maharaja Express in India?

New Year/Christmas supplement during signature trip USD 500. The above cost is exclusive of 5% GST that will be charged extra….Indian Splendor (7 Days/ 6 Nights)

Adult Single Supplement
Deluxe Cabins USD 5,980.00 USD 4,510.00
Junior Suite USD 9,460.00 USD 8,520.00
Suite USD 13,800.00 USD 13,800.00

What is included in Maharaja Express?

1. What are services that are included in the tariff? The tariff of the Maharajas’ Express includes cost of travel, accommodation, all meals, water, beverages, house brands of wines, beer and spirits, and sightseeing at the destinations.

What is single supplement in Maharaja Express?

Normal rates on Maharaja Express range from Rs. 1.9L (single supplement) and Rs. 2.5L (adult) for a general room on Treasures of India, to Rs. 15.75L (single supplement or adult) for a presidential suite on The Indian Splendor and The Heritage of India.

How many seats are there in Maharaja Express?

Carriages. The train comprises 23 carriages which include accommodation, dining, bar, lounge, generator and store cars. Accommodation is available in 14 guest carriages with total passenger capacity of 84.

How long is the Maharaja Express?

approximately 3 /4 days
Maharajas’ Express Train Tours India is of approximately 3 /4 days to 6/7 days duration where one can see Treasures of India, Indian Splendor, and Heritage of India etc.

What is Maharajas’Express tariff?

A Maharajas’ Express tariff for Indian Maharajas’ booking encompasses each and every need of their customers.

Why choose Maharajas’Express?

Maharajas Express trains offer you great comfort, including double / twin cabins, which can be further divided into deluxe cabins, junior suites, suites and presidential suites. Maharajas’ Express gives you real sense of Indian gestures and offers delicious cuisine with international services and facilities onboard.

What is Maharajas Express train package?

Maharajas’ Express train package combines the opulence of luxury with charm of culture. Maharajas’ Express reservation includes accommodation in double or twin-bedded cabins with en-suite bathroom and is inclusive of meals, soft beverages, house pour brands of wines, beer and spirit.

What are the different occupancy levels in Maharajas Express?

The occupancy in the Maharajas Express comes under various categories which include deluxe cabin, Junior Suite, Suite and a Presidential suite spanning over an entire carriage. The tariff for the different occupancy levels in various categories are mentioned below.