What is the best way to play carrom?

What is the best way to play carrom?

Here are five expert carrom tips you can use to improve your game.

  1. The Right Attitude. The first and most important tip for playing any game is playing with the right attitude.
  2. Striking Styles.
  3. Accurate Speed.
  4. Right Direction.
  5. Hitting From The Right Edge.
  6. Conclusion.

How do you play carrom at home?

Place the striker on the board touching both baselines.

  1. The striker must be touching both base lines.
  2. It can be placed directly in the center of the circle at the end of the lines.
  3. The striker should also not be touching the diagonal lines in the corners.
  4. Replace the striker in the Carrom bed every time you shoot.

How do you win carrom easily?


  1. Side shot- It is one of the trick shots which is used to hit a carrom men out of your competitors way or into a pocket.
  2. Middle shot-
  3. Cut and take-
  4. Thumb hot-
  5. Alley oop-
  6. Second hit-
  7. Board shot-
  8. Cut shot-

What if Queen and striker pocketed together?

a) If the Queen and the Striker are pocketed together by a proper stroke, the Queen shall be taken out for placing by the Umpire. An additional C/m shall be taken out for placing by the opponent and the player shall continue his turn.

Which carrom board size is best?

Carrom boards with 32-inches in size are considered full-sized. These full-size carrom boards are typically designed using top-notch wood, which ensures their sturdiness and durable nature. Good quality full-size carrom boards are generally appreciated for their superior re-bound capabilities and incredible flatness.

How many types of carrom games are there?

Despite the popularity of carrom, many of you may have never heard of the carrom game variations. Interestingly, our childhood favorite board game has six exciting carrom game variations.

How do you hit a striker?

There are two main grips you can use to hit the striker: the straight grip and the scissors grip. The most commonly used grip is the straight grip. It may be easier to maneuver if you’re new to carrom. You hold your hand palm side down and rest your fingertips very lightly on the carrom board.