What is the best rap music radio station?

What is the best rap music radio station?

Best rap radio stations: Tune into the top radio stations for rap music

  • The Rap MIXX.
  • WGCI FM.
  • Dilemaradio.
  • KCEP.
  • WJLB.
  • KJMS. Available: Stream below or online or 101.1 FM (Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Hip Hop Dugout. Available: Stream below or online.
  • WQUE-FM. Available: Stream below, online or 93.3 FM (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Where is Bun B from?

Houston, TXBun B / Place of birth

What school did Bun B go to?

Memorial High SchoolBun B / Education
Bun B graduated from Port Arthur’s Thomas Jefferson High School in 1991 but never took a formal college class.

What are some rap channels on the radio?

25+ Best Radio Stations For Rap | Rap Radio Stations

  • Streetz 94.5 FM. Type Of Station: Local FM and Online.
  • Hot 97 97.1 FM WQHT-FM – New York, New York.
  • Power 105.1, WWPR-FM.
  • “Power 106” 105.9 FM.
  • KBXX 97.9 The Box.
  • Hot 107.9 Atlanta.
  • V-103, The People’s Station.
  • Wild 94.9, The Bay’s #1 Hit Music Station.

What is the rap station on Siriusxm?

Hip-Hop Nation is a hip-hop radio station owned by Sirius XM Radio.

What is the best rap station on Sirius radio?


  • Hip-Hop Nation. Hip-Hop Hits-XL.
  • Shade 45. Eminem’s Hip-Hop Channel XL.
  • The Heat. Hot R&B and Hip-Hop.
  • Rock the Bells Radio. LL COOL J’s Classic Hip-Hop.
  • Soul Town. Classic Soul/Motown.
  • Heart & Soul. Adult R&B Hits.
  • SiriusXM Fly. ’90s & 2000s Hip-Hop/R&B – XL.
  • Sways Universe. Sway’s Lifestyle Channel XL.

What channel is y2kountry on Sirius?

Radio 61
Y2Kountry is a hits-oriented country radio channel on Sirius XM Radio 61 and Dish Network 605, which centers on the late 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s (1997-2019)….Sirius XM Y2Kountry.

Broadcast area United States Canada
Frequency Sirius XM Radio 61 Dish Network 6057
RDS Hear the essential country hits from earlier in this millennium