What is the best KUVA weapon?

What is the best KUVA weapon?

Warframe: Every Kuva Lich Weapon, Ranked

  1. 1 Kuva Nukor. Easily the strongest secondary in Warframe currently is the Kuva Nukor, a beam weapon that chains between targets when it makes contact with a foe.
  2. 2 Kuva Zarr. Do you love shotguns?
  3. 3 Kuva Bramma.
  4. 4 Kuva Chakkhurr.
  5. 5 Kuva Ayanga.
  6. 6 Kuva Brakk.
  7. 7 Kuva Seer.
  8. 8 Kuva Hek.

What KUVA Nukor is best?

Best Element for the Kuva Nukor As for the best element for this build, it’s generally Toxin. We will be building into either Viral or Corrosive so Toxin fits both. You can also go with Magnetic or Impact to add a forth unique status effect if you plan on using your Kuva Nukor alongside Condition Overload or the Cedo.

What is the best element for KUVA weapons?

Ideally, toxin is better picked as the initial elemental damage type for kuva or tenet weapons since it is flexible in modding it according to the faction to be encountered. You can mod it to corrosive or viral for Grineer, toxin or viral for Corpus, and gas or corrosive for infested.

What KUVA weapons are worth getting?

[Top 5] Warframe Best Kuva Weapons That Are Powerful

  1. Kuva Nukor. Kuva Nukor, a beam gun.
  2. Kuva Bramma. Kuva Bramma, a bow.
  3. Kuva Kohm. Kuva Kohm, another secondary shotgun.
  4. Kuva Brakk. Kuva Brakk, a secondary shotgun.
  5. Kuva Shildeg. Kuva Shildeg, a warhammer. Kuva Shildeg is a Warhammer and the only melee Kuva weapon in the game.

What is valence Fusion?

Valence Fusion is the merging of two similar Kuva Lich Weapons, Tenet Weapons, or Railjack Components and Armaments into one with superior stats.

Is radiation good on KUVA Nukor?

No, the kuva nukor already has radiation damage by default so its somewhat wasteful to roll radiation on it when you could get an additional element.

Why is the Nukor good?

Nukor, with improvements to its already high critical multiplier and status chance, and increased critical chance, magazine, and range, but with marginally lower damage. Its beam has also gained the ability to chain between multiple enemies.

What is best status for KUVA Bramma?

Build Corrosive or Viral (Most preferred). Maybe even Gas, if that’s your cup of tea.

Is radiation good on KUVA Bramma?

1) toxin to weight your damage to do more viral /corrosive/toxin procs , 2) Heat to weight heat damage effectiveness and procs, 3) Radiation cause all round good element in a pinch that doesn’t cause elemental mixing problems.

Is the Tonkor good Warframe?

The Tonkor is one of the best examples how weapons and the meta change over time. This grenade launcher used to be the go-to primary weapon and for a lot of people the strongest choice in killing big groups of mobs.

How many valence fusions are there?

Valence Fusion is the merging of two similar Kuva Lich Weapons, Tenet Weapons, or Railjack Components and Armaments into one with superior stats….Extra Math.

Minimum Initial Value Maximum Number of Fusions
25.5% 9
25.0% 10