What is the approximate salary of a Superior Court judge in Arizona?

What is the approximate salary of a Superior Court judge in Arizona?

The salaries of Superior Court Judges in Phoenix, AZ range from $36,720 to $410,938 , with a median salary of $160,826 . The middle 57% of Superior Court Judges makes between $160,826 and $244,074, with the top 86% making $410,938.

How much does a Maricopa County Superior Court judge make?

Superior Court Judges $145,000 41-1904; 12-128 One flat rate unless Judge is retired. Retired Judges can only earn a set amount between their pension and their work as a Superior Court Judge.

How do you become a court clerk in Arizona?

Bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies or a related field….Typical Job Requirements:

  1. High school diploma or GED.
  2. Three (3) years of experience performing administrative/clerical functions.
  3. Intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Office Word and Outlook.

What is the term for a Superior Court judge in Arizona?

Superior Court judges serve four-year terms. There are now more than 100 Arizona Superior Court judges, most of them are in Maricopa and Pima counties.

Does each county in Arizona have a superior court?

The superior court is the state’s general jurisdiction court. It is a single entity with one or more locations in each county. Each county has at least one superior court judge.

How do you become a judge in Arizona?

Judges of the Arizona Justice Courts are each elected to four-year terms. The elections for this court are partisan contested elections. To serve on this court, a judge must be at least 18 years old, a state resident, a qualified voter in their precinct and able to read and write English. A law degree is not required.

How are Arizona superior court judges selected?

Currently, Superior Court judges are elected in nonpartisan elections in all counties except Coconino, Maricopa, Pima and Pinal. Are nominating commission meetings open to the public or are the nominees chosen behind closed doors? All meetings are open to the public and all voting occurs in public session.

What is the highest state court in Arizona?

The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court The Supreme Court’s primary judicial duties under Article VI, §5 of the Arizona Constitution, are to review appeals and to provide rules of procedure for all the courts in Arizona. It is the highest court in the state of Arizona and is often called the court of last resort.

What can I do with an Arizona Supreme Court degree?

The Arizona Supreme Court offers a variety of exciting career opportunities, such as: Information Technology (IT) positions that support statewide court automation and computer training Programs that help support Arizona’s foster children Court Services departments that support statewide court programs and operations

Can I get a job with a misdemeanor in Arizona?

Misdemeanor convictions are reviewed on a case by case basis and may be a bar to employment in some circumstances. The Arizona Superior Court is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

Does the Pima County Superior Court have a job board?

Please note that you have left the Pima County Superior Court’s official web site and been re-directed to our job board which is powered by Neogov, a private company. The Court is not associated with any “cookies” or data tracking you may notice and elect to accept. Welcome to the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County on-line application system!

What is the role of the court operations specialist?

The Court Operations Specialist is responsible for administrative and clerical duties related to creating, processing and retaining records related to Grand Jury proceedings, as well as providing access to the judicial system and related public records to the public, legal community, Courts, County, and other governmental agencies. Learn more .