What is the ambiguous case?

What is the ambiguous case?

The “Ambiguous Case” (SSA) occurs when we are given two sides and the angle opposite one of these given sides. The triangles resulting from this condition needs to be explored much more closely than the SSS, ASA, and AAS cases, for SSA may result in one triangle, two triangles, or even no triangle at all!

How many solutions are there in an ambiguous case?

two possible solutions
Case 3 is referred to as the Ambiguous Case because there are two possible triangles and two possible solutions.

How do you calculate the ambiguous case?

The Ambiguous Case of the Law of Sines

  1. See if you are given two sides and the angle not in between (SSA).
  2. Find the value of the unknown angle.
  3. Once you find the value of your angle, subtract it from 180° to find the possible second angle.
  4. Add the new angle to the original angle.

What is the ambiguous case used for?

Ambiguous case occurs when one uses the law of sines to determine missing measures of a triangle when given two sides and an angle opposite one of those angles (SSA).

What does ambiguous mean in law?

A contract is considered to be ambiguous if the contract is reasonably subject to more than one interpretation. Sometimes, this can mean that it’s unclear as to what the parties intended overall. But usually, an ambiguous contract means that a specific term, word, phrase, or definition is vague or unclear.

Is SSS an ambiguous case?

If you are given SSS, SAS or SAA, the information determines a unique triangle. If you are given SSA, the information given may determine 0, 1 or 2 triangles. This is called the “ambiguous case” of the law of sines.

Is there an ambiguous case for the cosine law?

Unlike the Ambiguous Case for the Law of Sines with all of its possible situations, the Ambiguous Case for the Law of Cosines leaves the decision making on the number of triangles (or solutions) to the quadratic equation.

What is ambiguous document?

Ambiguity means an uncertainty of meaning in which several interpretations are possible.Ambiguity means something that does not have a single clear meaning” – Merriam-Webster dictionary.When documents are ambiguous i.e. either its language does not show the clear sense of the documents or its application to facts …