What is technical wage types in SAP?

What is technical wage types in SAP?

Technical Wage Type/Secondary Wage Type. Dialogue Wage Type/Primary Wage Type-These are the wage types for which data is entered in Infotype. They are created by copying model wage types (model Wage types provided by SAP). SAP stores information about model wage type from which wage type is created in V_T52DZ.

How does SAP HR calculate wage type?

1.1. Look at the existing wage types

  1. Use transaction code SM31 to view the table maintenance screen.
  2. Enter the table name as V_512W_D.
  3. Select Display tab and enter.
  4. When prompted, type the country grouping for the company (ex.
  5. Select Edit Everything and press enter.

What is time wage types in SAP HR?

Time wage type is used to store the time related information. This wage type is used to combine payroll and time management. Time wage type is generated at time evaluation and configure through T510S or using custom PCR.

How do I add a salary type in infotype 15?


  1. Select Human Resources Personnelmanagement Administration HR Master DataàMaintain.
  2. Enter the personnel number of the employee.
  3. In the Infotype field, enter 15 .
  4. Choose Create .
  5. In the Wage type field, enter the wage type which the employee is to receive as a retirement allowance.

What are the different wage types?

5 Wage Types and How They Affect Your Employees

  • Minimum Wage. Minimum wage is the most widely recognized term in the realm of employee compensation.
  • Living Wage. Living wage is the lowest wage at which the wage earner and his/her family can afford the most basic costs of living.
  • Prevailing Wage.
  • Tipped Wage.
  • Fair Wage.

How do you create a wage type in SAP?

Please follow the following steps to create a Basic Pay wage type. Step 1: Goto T-Code OH11 or PU30 or follow the SPRO IMG Path: Personnel Management➝Personnel Administration➝Payroll Data➝Basic Pay➝Wage Types then press”Create wage type catalog” node. Select copy and press tick mark button.

What are the different wages?

How do I check my payroll log in SAP HR?

Navigation in the log tree.

  1. To display lower levels, click on the structure node belonging to the level that you wish to open.
  2. To display the actual log, call the detailed view of the log by double clicking on the entry Payroll log in the log tree or on the level of the log that you wish to display.

What is technical wage type?

Technical wage types are mostly created during wage calculations and carry “/” or “§” as the first sign. These wage types mean the same, but the wage types starting with “§” occur in the results for the main personnel number and include the total of wage types with the “/” sign from the reference personnel number.

What is wage type?

A wage type is a coding system used to define a type of payment or deduction on a pay statement. Wage type abbreviations (eight character limit) are itemized on a pay statement to assist payees in understanding individual components of gross pay and deductions.

How do I add a wage type in SAP?