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What is subject object object complement?

What is subject object object complement?

Object complement – an adjective/adjective phrase or noun/noun phrase that completes the idea of the verb and modifies or renames the direct object. Subject complement – the nominal or adjectival that follows a linking verb, renaming or describing the subject.

What is complement in English grammar PDF?

A complement is a word or word group that completes the meaning of a verb. Every sentence has a subject and a verb.

What is subject verb subject complement?

A subject complement is a word or phrase that follows a linking verb and identifies or describes the subject. (Note: A linking verb is a verb used to link a subject to a new identity or description. Common examples are to be, to become, to appear, to feel, to look, to smell, and to taste.)

How do you identify a subject complement?

A subject complement is found in the predicate of a sentence (the part of the sentence that contains the verb and makes a statement about the subject). The subject complement follows a linking verb (a verb that expresses a state of being).

Is Yesterday an object complement?

In the second sentence, yesterday is an adverb that tells when he called the man. This sentence does not contain an object complement.

How do you find subject complement and object complement?

Subject complements follow a linking verb and provide additional information about the subject of the sentence. The subject complement is normally a noun or an adjective that defines or renames the subject in some way. Object complements follow and modify a direct object and provide additional information about it.

What are the examples of object complement?

Some examples of objective complements would be the following:

  • Public speaking makes Henry nervous. (“ Henry” = direct object; “nervous” = objective complement)
  • Boring movies make me sleepy. (“
  • Jane painted her nails red. (“
  • The students elected Gus secretary of the debate club. (“

What are the two types of subject complements?

A subject complement is a word that comes after a linking verb and renames, identifies, or describes the subject. There are two main types of subject complements: predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives.