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What is strip seal expansion joint?

What is strip seal expansion joint?

Strip Seal Expansion Joint: is a mechanical device adapted for sealing an elongated gap formed between two adjacent road slab sections by providing a continuous support for vehicles crossing the gap while allowing the desired temperature responsive movement of the road slab sections.

What is Wabo joint?

Wabo®CompressionSeal bridge series is a preformed elastic joint seal manufactured of neoprene and installed with a lubricant adhesive. It is highly resistant to deterioration from exposure to weather, sunlight, oils and impact.

What is a freeway expansion joint?

An expansion joint is between the roadway and approach panels to a bridge to absorb the expansion of the highway pavement. The joint is a foamlike material that can be compressed. Expansion joint material is glued to the approach concrete and the roadway concrete.

How do you seal the Control Unit of EVM?

EVM – Sealing – Presiding Officer Remove the wax paper over ‘D’ and paste it on top of Green Paper Seal. Take the Strip Seal round the Control Unit from left side just below the CLOSE button window Page 13 EVM – Sealing – Presiding Officer Now the Strip Seal is finally fixed.

What is elastomeric concrete?

Elastomeric Concrete is a flexible 2-part polyurethane patching material mixed with aggregates and can be used as a filler in expansion joints which experience large movements. The properties which are most important for these materials are flexibility, elasticity, and bond strength.

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Why choose WBA for Your expansion joint system?

We are your strongest partner for expansion joint systems and responsible solutions. For 70 years, WBA has proudly led the industry in the manufacture and design of expansion joint systems to meet the unique demands of projects across the globe. We strive to provide solutions that will best fit your needs and relieve the stresses of your project.

What kind of seal is used on Crete expansion joints?

Wabo®Crete FlexFoam armorless expansion joint systems designed with closed-cell foam joint seals installed with epoxy adhesive between an impact absorbing… Wabo®Evazote UV is preformed low density closed cell joint seal that is bonded into place with a two component 100%…

What is Wabo®strip seal?

The Wabo®StripSeal system is a unique concept for effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures. Close Navigation I am aSpecification Writer, Architect or EngineerFilter Content I am aGeneral Contractor, Subcontractor or PrecasterFilter Content I am aDOT Personnel, Government Employee, Owner or Transportation OfficialFilter Content

What kind of sealant do you use for parking expansion joints?

Wabo®SiliconeSeal is a dynamic, high performance; two-part silicone sealant designed for a variety of parking expansion joint applications. The self-leveling,… Wabo®XPE is a preformed, impermeable, UV stable gray foam joint seal that is bonded into place with a two component…