What is Sofdec?

What is Sofdec?

Sofdec is a high-quality, feature-rich, multi-platform movie playback system. It leverages the full capabilities of a platform and allows your game to seamlessly mix movie playback and gameplay.

What can Sofdec do for your game?

The low-level functions can be customized by the game application, from the file loading to the sound output and the timer control. Part of the CRIWARE SDK, Sofdec can be easily integrated with your game middleware such as Unity or Unreal Engine. Experience unleashed creativity and improved productivity.

What is the Sofdec playback system?

Sofdec offers a versatile playback system that supports movies with transparency, subtitles and timing information. It allows for the seamless concatenation or simultaneous playback of the movies, as well as their display on a 3D surface. Sofdec supports many platforms from consoles to handhelds and mobiles.