What is sodium HEDP?

What is sodium HEDP?

HEDP · Na4 is a sodium salt of HEDP, which is an excellent inhibitor of calcium carbonate scale. HEDP · Na4 is mainly used for metal corrosion inhibition of low-pressure boiler water treatment, circulating water treatment, industrial municipal cleaning water and swimming pool sterilization.

What does HEDP stand for?

High Explosive Dual Purpose
HEDP is an abbreviation for: High Explosive Dual Purpose anti-tank / fragmenting warhead. Etidronic acid or etidronate. High energy density physics.

What is HEDP in soap?

The phosphonate HEDP (also known as etidronic acid) is an excellent water hardness stabilizer and chelating agent that can be found in both household and industrial applications. These properties allow the chemical to produce exceptional results in the production of detergent and the treatment of cooling water.

What are HEDP rounds?

The HEDP (high-explosive, dual-purpose) M430 cartridge, joined with M16A2 links, is the standard round for the MK 19. The impact-type round penetrates 2 inches of steel armor at 0-degree obliquity and inflicts personnel casualties in the target area.

How do you make HEDP?

The traditional technology that 1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid (HEDP) is produced generally is to adopt one still process: acetic acid and the water of technique amount are joined in the reactor, then the phosphorus trichloride with the technique amount splashes in the reaction through dripping tank at …

Is etidronic acid good for skin?

While etidronic acid has not been limited from inclusion in cosmetics and does have legitimate uses, it is recommended that, as with most cosmetic products (particularly soaps), the product should be thoroughly rinsed from the skin after use. Etidronic acid is also included among swimming pool chemicals.

What is 40mm HEDP?

Percussion Primer. M42 Or FED-100. The M433 HEDP 40mm Grenade is the Low Velocity Grenade of choice for our Warfighters, using the M203 or M320 Grenade Launchers. The Grenade consists of the M118 Aluminum Cartridge Case, M550 AMTEC Point Detonating Fuze, Copper Liner, Warhead Body with Fragmentation and CompA5 …

Is etidronic acid harmful?

Based on the data available, the chemicals in this group are not considered to cause serious damage to health from repeated oral exposure. The toxic effects from subchronic exposure to etidronic acid and its salts are related to its ability to chelate metal ions and affect calcium and iron homeostasis.

What is HEDP round?