What is so special about London Underground?

What is so special about London Underground?

The London Underground, or the Tube as it is often called, is the oldest underground train network in the world. Opened in 1863 there are a total of eleven lines, 270 stations and over 400 km of track, making it the third longest subway system in the world.

Did you know London Underground facts?

Over 1,000 bodies lie beneath Aldgate station, which is built over a plague pit from 1665. The London Underground has a staggering 270 stations. The longest possible single journey on one train is 34 miles, between West Ruislip and Epping on the Central Line.

Why is it called London Underground?

Even though it is called the Underground about half of it is above the ground. The “Tube” is a slang name for the London Underground, because the tunnels for some of the lines are round tubes running through the ground.

How many trains are in the Tube?

London Underground
Number of stations 272 served (262 owned)
Daily ridership 1.8 million (July 2021)
Annual ridership 296 million (2020/21)
Website tfl.gov.uk/modes/tube/

Which underground line is the oldest?

The Metropolitan line
The Metropolitan line is the oldest underground railway in the world. The Metropolitan Railway opened in January 1863 and was an immediate success, though its construction took nearly two years and caused huge disruption in the streets. Read more about the Metropolitan line.

How many babies have been born on the London Underground?

five babies
Since the London Underground network first opened in 1863, there have been at least five babies born on the Tube. Considering the Underground has been in existence for such along time, you’d expect there to be more than five births, two of which were from as recent as 2019, one from 2009 and the other from 2008.

Who invented London Underground?

Marc Brunel
Marc Brunel and son Isambard Kingdom Brunel built the Thames Tunnel as a foot tunnel in 1843, but by 1869 enough money had been raised from visiting tourists to develop it into a transport cargo right under the Thames river.

How deep is the Tube in London?

The deepest station is Hampstead on the Northern line, which runs down to 58.5 metres. 15. In Central London the deepest station below street level is also the Northern line. It is the DLR concourse at Bank, which is 41.4 metres below.