What is sincalide injection?

What is sincalide injection?

Kinevac (sincalide for injection) is a cholecystopancreatic-gastrointestinal hormone peptide administered by intravenous injection in certain medical tests. Kinevac is primarily used to assist in diagnosing disorders of the gallbladder and pancreas.

What is Kinevac used for?

Sincalide is used to help diagnose disorders of the gallbladder or pancreas. Sincalide is also used to speed up digestion of barium, a contrast agent, given in preparation for x-ray examination of the intestines.

Why is there a Kinevac shortage?

Reason for the Shortage Bracco Diagnostics had Kinevac injection on shortage due to manufacturing delays. There are no approved alternatives to sincalide injection for the labeled indications.

Is sincalide the same as CCK?

Sincalide is a medication given by injection to assist in the diagnosis of gallbladder and pancreas disorders. It is identified as the 8-amino acid C-terminal segment of cholecystokinin and is also known as CCK-8.

What is J2805 used for?

HCPCS code J2805 for Injection, sincalide, 5 micrograms as maintained by CMS falls under Drugs, Administered by Injection .

Who makes Kinevac?

KINEVAC® (sincalide for injection) | Bracco Imaging.

What is HIDA scan used for?

Overview. A hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scan is an imaging procedure used to diagnose problems of the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts. For a HIDA scan, also known as cholescintigraphy or hepatobiliary scintigraphy, a radioactive tracer is injected into a vein in your arm.

Why is sermorelin discontinued?

However, sermorelin was discontinued in 2008 due to difficulties in the manufacturing process of the active ingredient used to produce commercially supplied sermorelin but not due to safety issues.

Where can I buy non FDA approved Sincalide?

Non–FDA-approved sincalide is available from compounding pharmaceutical companies. These drugs have not been scientifically investigated to confirm equivalence to Kinevac, nor is quality control monitored by the FDA; however, they are commonly used out of necessity when Kinevac is not available.

Are there any contraindications for Sincalide?

There are very few reported side effects, mainly nausea and abdominal cramping when infused too rapidly. The only contraindications are a known allergic reaction to the drug, pregnancy, and intestinal obstruction. Kinevac is presently the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–approved form of sincalide.

What is the mechanism of action of Sincalide?

Sincalide (Kinevac; Bracco) is an amino acid polypeptide hormone analog of cholecystokinin. Its hepatobiliary physiologic effect is to increase bile secretion, cause the gallbladder to contract, and relax the sphincter of Oddi, resulting in bile drainage into the duodenum.

What is the patent expiration date for Sincalide?

The invention also features kits and methods for preparing improved sincalide formulations, as well as methods for treating, preventing, and diagnosing gall bladder-related disorders using sincalide formulations. Patent expiration dates: August 16, 2022.