What is Sidney Crosby favorite candy?

What is Sidney Crosby favorite candy?

He’s got a real sweet tooth. “I like my sweets, and I like the odd cheat meal more than I should: fast food, pizza, cake … donuts, too,” Crosby said. “I crush (Tim Hortons’) Timbits when I can.

What is Sidney Crosby famous for?

Sidney Crosby, (born August 7, 1987, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada), Canadian ice hockey player who in 2007 became the youngest captain of a National Hockey League (NHL) team and who led the Pittsburgh Penguins to three Stanley Cup championships (2009, 2016, and 2017).

Why does Crosby wear 87?

The reason behind Crosby’s number has to do with his birthday, as he was born on Aug. 7, 1987. With August being the eighth month of the year, his birthday is written out as 8/7/87. This explains why he wears a number that is extremely uncommon in hockey.

What does ons mean in Sidney Crosby?

He became the youngest team captain in NHL history with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2007. Mr. Crosby has been a positive role model to countless young people throughout Nova Scotia and North America. The Order of Nova Scotia was established in 2001. Recipients have the right to use the initials O.N.S. after their names.

What was crosbys favorite team?

He also played in the 1985 Memorial Cup and was drafted 240th overall by the Montreal Canadiens in 1984, but never played at the NHL level. Growing up, Crosby admired Steve Yzerman and, like his father, was a Canadiens fan.

Does Sidney Crosby have a degree?

Harrison Trimble High School2005
Shattuck-St. Mary’s SchoolSouthern New Hampshire UniversityAstral Drive Junior High School
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What is Sidney Crosby favorite food?

“I love Chinese food,” Crosby said. “Egg rolls, beef fried rice, sweet and sour chicken … it has to be the right place, though.”

Why is Crosby called Sid the Kid?

“Sid the Kid”, a nickname given to him by the media early in his career, made his NHL debut on October 5, 2005 against the New Jersey Devils, and registered an assist on the team’s first goal of the season, scored by Mark Recchi in a 5–1 loss.