What is service line management?

What is service line management?

Service line management is defined as patient-centered care related to a specific area of clinically-related conditions or procedures integrated across a system of care.

What is financial service line?

Service lines are the units from which the trust’s services are delivered, each with their own focus on particular medical conditions or procedures and their own specialist clinicians. Each unit also has clearly identified resources, including support services, staffing and finances.

What is service line reporting?

1.1 Service Line Reporting (SLR) aims to improve the level of financial and performance information available to managers of service functions. It brings together the income generated by services and the costs associated with providing that service to patients, and reports this for each operational unit.

What do service line managers do?

In a service line model, the service line manager is responsible for coordinating patient care and information flow in a comprehensive manner along the patient’s journey of care. During a course of care, patients are cared for by providers in many departments or facilities of the healthcare system.

What is a service line structure?

In healthcare contexts, the term “service line” is a way of defining a specific line of business, often inclusive of operational, financial, and strategic attributes, and organizing that line of business with a governance structure. In other industries outside of healthcare, this is known as a product line.

What are the reasons why hospitals should adopt a service line structure?

To increase revenue and profitability – the service line model allows hospitals to create profit centres by focusing investment on their best performing, most profitable services lines, where they have the possibility of gaining or enhancing market share, while correspondingly reducing or eliminating money-losing …

Why would a hospital establish and implement a new service line?

Rural hospitals have myriad reasons for adding new service lines—some of them are looking to increase patient volume, capture market share, generate new revenue, hub their hospital to multiple rural health clinics, stem outmigration, proforma development/cost analysis, or conduct feasibility studies.

Why should hospitals adopt a service line structure?

Service line management is a powerful way to manage the national health system. Health centers that have used this new management approach have enjoyed greater efficiency, higher quality of care, greater recruitment and retention of physicians, and also greater competitive power in health care market.

How does a service line impact organizational success?

At the same time, service-line management can promote reduced clinical variation and improved care coordination, thereby improving quality. This combination of reduced costs and improved quality positions the organization for growth through improved margins and increased market share.

What is single line reporting?

A one-line report enables you to view information about multiple listings in a table format.

What is a service line healthcare?

A service line is a specific grouping or population of. “like” patients and is based on patient encounter. attributes such as: • Inpatient versus outpatient. • Major Disease Categories (MDCs)