What is red mark in IRCTC?

What is red mark in IRCTC?

It implies that it is not possible to reserve seats on that train.

How can I continue pending from bank end in IRCTC?

The IRCTC online payment involves a very complex technical system and the bandwidth between telecommunication networking and the user’s internet….Irctc shows Pending from bank end error due to 2 following reasons:

Services Contact details
Customer care number 0755-6610661 or 0755-4090600
Email [email protected]

What is failed transaction in IRCTC?

Such a scenario arises when system or network fails at banks end or at payment gateway before remitting ticket amount to IRCTC. The amount is not credited to the IRCTC account and stays with the bank. The bank then refunds the money after due verification.

Why Tatkal tickets are not booking?

The web services agents of IRCTC will be permitted to book only one Tatkal ticket per train per day on the internet. TDRs are not being issued for waiting list tickets….

Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.) Maximum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)
Executive 300 400

What does the color in booking page of IRCTC mean?

Following picture shows the color and the train type it relates to. color scheme for train types used on irctc.co.in. You can see that a blue color refers to a special train while pink color refers to special tatkal train.

Why trains are red in Colour?

First of all, the widely-found coach is the common general ICF coach in blue colour which is used for all ICF passengers, mail express or superfast trains. – Red colour coaches are used on the ICF air-conditioned train. – Green colour coaches are used on Garib Rath train.

What is transaction ID in IRCTC ticket?

Transaction Id in any Rail ticket is an unique ID which shows your actual payment transaction to book the ticket using IRCTC website. No other ticket in IRCTC system can have the same Transaction ID( called TID).

Did not get refund from IRCTC?

If the money did not get deposited back into your account within 5 to 7 days, you can mail the IRCTC at [email protected] or you can tweet to their official Twitter handle @IRCTCofficial or to @RailwaySeva. You can also call on IRCTC helpline number 0755-6610661 , 0755-3934141 (Language: Hindi and English).

Can I travel with Waitlist ticket?

You Can Travel with Waiting List Ticket Only if You Booked Tickets from Railway Counters or I-Ticket. And if you have E-Ticket With Partially Confirmed or RAC are valid for Travelling. As per Rules you Can not Travel with Waiting Tickets but Practically people with Waiting List tickets are Traveling.

What is AVL in train booking?

AVL = Available. It means that Berths / Seats are available for the train as per your query parameters like Date of Journey, Station pair, class, quota etc.