What is protocol testing in telecom?

What is protocol testing in telecom?

Protocol Testing is a method of checking communication protocols in the domains of Switching, Wireless, VoIP, Routing, etc. The primary goal of protocol testing is to check the structure of packets which are sent over a network using protocol testing tools.

How do you test a protocol?

How to do Protocol Testing

  1. For protocol testing, you need protocol analyzer and simulator.
  2. Protocol analyzer ensures proper decoding along with call and session analysis.
  3. Usually, a protocol testing is carried out by DUT (device under test) to other devices like switches and routers and configuring protocol in it.

What is l2 and l3 protocol testing?

There are several sorts of network protocols. Layer 2 − The second layer is the data link layer. Data link layers 2 are best shown by Mac addresses and Ethernet. Layer 3 − Layer 3 is a network layer that identifies the best available communication channel in the network. Layer 3 is exemplified by an IP address.

What are the testing interview questions?

Software Testing Interview Questions

  • Explain the role of testing in software development?
  • How much testing is sufficient?
  • What are the different types of testing?
  • Why developers shouldn’t test the software they wrote?
  • What is the software testing life cycle?
  • What qualities a software tester should have?

What is OSS and BSS testing?

OSS (Operations Support Systems)/ BSS (Business Support Systems) • OSS (Operations Support Systems) track network inventory, assets and provisioning of services, while BSS (Business Support Systems) deal with customer relationship management (CRM) and processes such as taking orders, processing bills, and collecting …

What tools are used in telecom testing?

Given below are few tools that are used in telecom testing.

Tool Used in / Useful for
Nethawk It is used for SS7 protocol testing
Etherpeek Used for IP testing
Glomosim simulator It is used to simulate wireless and wired network systems
Abacus5000 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) testing

What are LTE protocols & specifications?

What are LTE protocols & specifications?

  • Air Interface Physical Layer.
  • GPRS Tunnelling Protocol User Plane (GTP-U)
  • GTP-U Transport.
  • Medium Access Control (MAC)
  • Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) Protocol.
  • Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)
  • Radio Link Control (RLC)
  • Radio Resource Control (RRC)