What is PES 2013?

What is PES 2013?

PES 2013 – a sports simulator completely dedicated to football competitions. The simulator immerses the gamer in the exciting period of the Euro 2012 championship. The plot of the simulator is simple and completely focused on the speed and realism of the gameplay. Here you control a soccer team made up of real-life athletes.

Is PES 2013 bringing back game satisfaction like back in the day?

Meanwhile, in the digital field, PES continues in the fight to bring back game satisfaction like back in the day. This year a change is happening. PES 2013 is placing Cristiano Ronaldo as the face of the franchise, accompanied by a series of features that strive to make the matches more realistic and enticing on our favorite devices.

How to create a team in PES 2013?

Create a team by buying or creating your own players, examine the behavior of each player, keep track of the fatigue of other players, etc. Play for the national teams of England, Germany, Italy, and Portugal. You can download Pes 2013 1.0 from our software library for free.

What’s new in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 returns to the roots of football with unique levels of control plus major emphasis on the individual style of the world’s best players. Thanks to feedback from dedicated fans, PES2013 offers total freedom to play any kind of ball, which for the first time includes full control over shooting and the first touch.