What is Payscape?

What is Payscape?

Founded in Atlanta in 2004, Payscape offers payment processing services for traditional and “high risk” businesses alike. Payscape specializes in hospitality, retail, education, associations, field service, healthcare, and professional services.

What is Payscape Atlanta?

About us. Payscape offers dynamic payment solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We specialize in helping small to mid-size business owners with financial technologies that allow them to accept payments, streamline their business, and increase cash flow.

What does call for authorization mean?

Definition: Credit card authorization is an approval from a card issuer, usually through a credit card processor, that the customer has sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction.

How do I authorize a chase payment?

Here’s how:

  1. After signing in, choose the “Pay & transfer” tab and then “Pending approvals”
  2. Transactions needing your approval for payment will appear.
  3. To approve, check box next to payment and choose “Approve”
  4. Review selected transactions and choose “Approve items”

How do I use my credit card over the phone?

How to pay with your mobile phone

  1. Add your Visa card to your payment-enabled mobile phone or device.
  2. Look for the contactless symbol on the terminal at checkout.
  3. Hold your phone or device over the symbol to pay.

What is a code 10 check?

A code 10 allows you to discreetly check on a suspicious card or cardholder when they’re nearby and you’re not able to talk freely. Just call our Authorisation Department on 0844 822 2000* and tell the operator you’re making a code 10 call, or press 9.

How do I add an authorized user to my Chase account?

Here’s how to add a Chase authorized user:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Go to the “Accounts” tab.
  3. Click the three dots on the far right under your card, then “More options.”
  4. Click the “Account Services” dropdown menu.
  5. Select “Add an authorized user.”
  6. Make an ID and password for your authorized user.

How long does Chase hold authorizations for online orders?

The simple answer is if the bank can remove the pending transaction, it should be reflected in your account in about 24 hours. If they’re not able to help you, pending transactions will fall off automatically after seven days.