What is PayLo Virgin Mobile?

What is PayLo Virgin Mobile?

With Virgin Mobile’s PayLo plans, you can pay only for the calling time you use. You can easily Top-Up your Virgin Mobile account right from your phone.

Is Virgin Mobile part of T-Mobile?

Sprint-owned Virgin Mobile USA shutting down as T-Mobile merger process continues. Sprint is shutting down its prepaid Virgin Mobile USA phone business and moving customers over to sister brand Boost Mobile. As part of the merger with T-Mobile, Sprint agreed to sell off its subsidiaries Virgin and Boost to Dish Network …

Can I buy Virgin top up card online?

Online recharge Virgin Mobile Canada at Here you can easy recharge prepaid phone credit and data. We provide over 140 countries. You will get a code via email which you can use to recharge your phone.

What is the best Virgin payLo phone 2018?

Overview of the top 10 Virgin 2018 Paylo phones. The Kyocera 2300 Prepaid Phone is a Virgin PayLo mobile phone compatible with Assurance Wireless technology. It’s an affordable phone for messaging and social networking with a full QWERTY keyboard and 2.2 inch colour display.

How much does Virgin Mobile cost to use?

The standard services users receive are completely free of charge, and users can add additional text messages, voting minutes and international long distance calls by pre-paying by debit card, credit card, PayPal or Virgin Mobile top-up card.

How much can I top up my phone plan?

Top-Ups can be any amount between $5 and $200. For Pay As You Go Plans, you must Top-Up at least $10 in a single transaction to extend your service. Assurance Wireless is brought to you by Virgin Mobile USA and is a Lifeline Assistance program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund.

How do I exchange my Virgin Mobile phone for a new one?

The keys are better distributed than on other touch-tone phones. The menu and navigation interface are user-friendly. You can exchange your free phone by visiting the website or Virgin Mobile and Assurance and then call a new SWAP phone. Follow their instructions by typing the Kyocher needle and the serial number.