What is new in CorelDraw X4?

What is new in CorelDraw X4?

Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 allowed users to edit images, enhancing and retouching photos. PowerTRACE X4 was an enhanced edition of PowerTRACE that let designers convert poor quality bitmap images to high-quality editable vector graphics. Finally, Corel CAPTURE X4 was designed for users to capture images from their screens.

What version is CorelDraw X4?

Features by version

CorelDraw Windows Compatibility
Release date Version
22 Jan 2008 X4 (14) XP, Vista, 7, 8
23 Feb 2010 X5 (15) XP, Vista, 7, 8
20 Mar 2012 X6 (16) XP (32-bit only), Vista, 7, 8

How do you distribute objects along a path in CorelDRAW?

To fit objects to a path

  1. 1 In CorelDRAW, using the Pick tool, select the objects you want to fit to a path.
  2. 2 Holding down Shift, click the path.
  3. 3 Click Objects Fit Objects to Path.
  4. 4 In the Fit Objects to Path docker, choose any settings you want.
  5. 5 Click Apply.

How many types of graphics are there in CorelDRAW?

The software supports more than one hundred different file formats, including many bitmap and vector illustration file types, CAD drawings, Microsoft Word documents (. DOC and .

What are the features of CorelDRAW?

Main features of CorelDraw are:

  • LiveSketch tool.
  • Multi-monitor.
  • Healing clone tools.
  • Copy Curve Segments.
  • Gaussian blur feature.
  • Touch-friendly GU interface.
  • Powerful stylus enhancements.
  • Import legacy workspaces.

How do you fit an object to a path?

How do I curve an object in CorelDRAW?

  1. • To convert objects to curve objects. •
  2. To convert objects to curve objects.
  3. 1 . Select the object.
  4. 2 . Click Object Convert to curves.
  5. To view curve properties.
  6. 1 . Select the curve object.
  7. 2 . Click Object Object properties.
  8. 3 . At the top of the Object properties docker, click the Curve button.