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What is multiple motor unit summation?

What is multiple motor unit summation?

The combined effect of a number of motor units acting within a muscle at any given time.

What is another name for motor unit summation?

spatial summation
Motor unit summation, sometimes referred to as spatial summation, is the recruitment of additional motor units to generate more contractions.

What is the difference between wave summation and multiple motor unit summation?

Wave summation increases the frequency of contractions to produce greater force while motor unit summation uses increased motor unit recruitment.

What is multiple wave summation?

d) Multiple motor unit summation. e) Maximal stimulus. c) Wave summation. Temporal aka wave summation, occurs because the second contraction occurs before the muscle has completely relaxed. How a smooth increase in muscle force is produced.

What is asynchronous motor unit summation?

asynchronous motor unit summation. when not all muscle cells are working at the same time so that some can rest while others are contracting. This allows posture muscles to be contracted all day without tiring, because the motor units take turns.

What is Wave summation?

Wave summation. Wave summation. Also called temporal summation. Phenomenon seen when another stimulus is applied to a muscle before the previous relaxation period is complete, resulting in a stronger contraction. May be due to greater calcium availability in stimulated muscle cells.

What is summation and tetanus?

Summation and Tetanus Contractions: Repeated twitch contractions, where the previous twitch has not relaxed completely are called a summation. If the frequency of these contractions increases to the point where maximum tension is generated and no relaxation is observed then the contraction is termed a tetanus.

What is summation and why does it occur?

summation, in physiology, the additive effect of several electrical impulses on a neuromuscular junction, the junction between a nerve cell and a muscle cell. Individually the stimuli cannot evoke a response, but collectively they can generate a response.

What is wave summation?

What is summation anatomy?

What is summation quizlet?

Summation. Summation is the addition of EPSP or IPSP by the postsynaptic membrane. Summation of IPSP causes the postsynaptic membrane to hyperpolarize for a longer of time.