What is Mucostatic impression material?

What is Mucostatic impression material?

Mucostatic means that the impression is taken with the mucosa in its normal resting position. These impressions will generally lead to a denture which has a good fit during rest, but during chewing, the denture will tend to pivot around incompressible areas (e.g. torus palatinus) and dig into compressible areas.

Why mid Palatine raphe is relief area?

MID-PALATINE RAPHE  This is the median suture area covered by a thin sub-mucosa, so the mucosa layer is in close contact with the underlying bone  For this region, the soft tissue covering the median palatal tissue is non- resilient in nature and may need to be relieved.

What is impression compound used for?

Impression compound is usually used for taking primary impressions of the edentulous ridge prior to the construction of a custom-made impression tray for complete dentures.

What is border Moulding?

The border molding technique is the shaping of the border areas of a custom impression tray by manual or functional manipulation of the tissue adjacent to the borders in order to duplicate the size and contour of the vestibule resulting in maintains of the peripheral seal during function.

What material is used for border molding?

Gutta percha, zinc oxide eugenol paste, low fusing compound and methyl methacrylate resins have been used to record border molding. Among these, low fusing compound has traditionally remained the material of choice for many practitioners, dental students and academicians.

What is Masseteric nerve?

The masseteric nerve is the most posterior branch off the anterior trunk. It passes laterally between the lateral pterygoid muscle and infratemporal surface of the skull, anterior to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and posterior to the tendon of the temporalis (Piagkou et al., 2011).

What structure is most likely to dislodge a complete mandibular denture?

The frenum, though not a muscular structure, should be permitted adequate space at the denture border. Otherwise, it will cause the dislodgement of the denture.