What is magnitone london?

What is magnitone london?

We are leaders in skincare and electrical beauty. Since 2013, it has been our mission to energise and condition skin naturally. We create quality devices at affordable prices, making #NoFilterSkincare accessible to all.

How do you charge a Magnitone face brush?

Place the magnetic ‘clink’ charger onto the bottom of the front of the handle. Connect one end of the USB cable into the base of the charger and the other end into a USB power source (an Iphone charger or laptop). The light will flash to signal charging and will remain constant when the brush is fully charged.

How do I use Magnitone XOXO?

Select the speed you prefer and gently glide the brush over skin in small circles, let the Micro-Sonic pulsations do all the work. After one minute (or when your skin feels squeaky clean and refreshed) turn the brush off.

How often should I use Magnitone?

This can freak out first-time Magnitone users. The stimulation of the skin can cause bacteria to rise deep from pores and can cause some spots. Instead of stopping altogether, scale back your use to once a day, or every second day, but most importantly – stick with it!

How do you clean a Magnitone cloth?

You can use with cleanser or product but they also work with just warm water. To use with just warm water, simply wet the cloth and swipe away makeup! When you’re done, toss into the laundry basket and wash at 30 degrees.

How often should you use Magnitone?

Avoid any cleansers with rough particles. We recommend you exfoliate with the Stimulator Brush Head once every few days on the Pulse-lift™ Toning mode. You don’t replace your brush head every three months.

Can you use Magnitone on your neck?

You’re supposed to use this on your cheeks, T-zone and neck area but I tend to skip this last one out and spend the extra time working around any areas of the face I’ve missed.

Can you use Magnitone lift off every day?

As with all skincare devices, compliance is key to getting results. I would recommend using the device every other day for the first month and then you can go down to twice a week to maintain the results.

What does Magnitone lift off do?

LiftOff is a microcurrent device that’s essentially a workout for your face, similar to facial massage. Small pulses of electricity penetrate deep into the skin, keeping it looking plump, lifted and youthful.

Do microfiber cloths remove makeup?

While microfibre cloths like the Face Halo and MakeUp Eraser have become a bathroom staples thanks to their very efficient makeup removing abilities, beauty enthusiasts have discovered that the original cleaning cloths work just as well.