What is LT on Casio G Shock?

What is LT on Casio G Shock?

Lt is auto light switch on. When its turned on if you angle your wrist towards your face the watch face will illuminate.

What are the different types of G shocks?


  • GRAVITYMASTER. In the sky.
  • MUDMASTER. On the land.
  • FROGMAN. To the sea.

What is WT in Casio watch?

Using the ‘World Time’ function is simple. To set it, cycle through the settings using the ‘Mode Button (D)’ until the small dial points at ‘WT (World Time)’, then using the ‘Search Button (E)’ cycle through the time-zone codes until you find the one right for you.

What does Flash mean on G shock?

The Casio® G-Shock® Flash Alert Watch for men flashes with a buzzer for wake up alarm, stopwatch alarm, and hourly time signal, so you know when time’s up while wearing earmuffs or headphones, or working in loud environments.

What is Master of G?

The Master of G is a line of G-Shock watches produced by Japanese electronics company Casio designed for usage in harsh environments. Many showcase new technology that Casio would eventually introduce into the G-Shock and ProTrek line of watches, such as an altimeter, digital compass and the Tough Solar feature.

What are the different types of Casio G-Shocks?

The analog/digital divide is one way in which Casio cleaves their G-Shock offerings, so we have grouped this guide in three major categories: digital-only, analog/digital hybrids, and all-analog. It’s a start. Almost all G-Shocks will have a stopwatch, a countdown timer, a backlight, and 200m of water resistance.

What is the newest model of the G Shock?

The G-SHOCK G-Rescue series combine tough, high-performance digital timekeeping with radio-controlled accuracy. Introducing the newest model of this GOLD INGOT motif series is the AWM500GD-4A based on the AW500, which is the first analog-digital G-SHOCK.

What does Master of G MEAN on a G-Shock watch?

Master of G: Professional line of G-Shock watches that includes the “-man” and “-master” series. MIP LCD: Memory in Pixel display, a power-saving pixel display used in certain Bluetooth-connected G-Shock models. MR-G: The top G-Shock line of analog watches featuring titanium bodies and bands.

What is the thinnest G Shock watch?

There aren’t really any other thin G-Shocks outside of the 5600 family. There was the G-056 (eBay) a while ago which was only 11 mm thick and the thinnest G-Shock ever (and also the GW-056). There are some G-056 watches on eBay but it will cost a lot more now. Reply Tina 5 years ago Do all of g shock watches have auto light feature? Thanks Reply