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What is Ioban drape?

What is Ioban drape?

Ioban is an iodophor impregnated drape with clinical evidence to support its performance. High moisture-vapour transmission rate (MVTR) for breathability ensuring adhesion throughout the procedure. Low memory stretch allows limb mobilisation or heavy retraction with reduced tension to the skin. References 1.

What is a laparotomy drape?

A large non woven disposable drape with an incise drape in the centre, surrounded by an absorbent area. The drape optionally includes arm-board drapes, a vertical isolation drape section, tube and lead holders, (also called cord holders) instrument pad and an incise area.

What is Steri Drape used for?

Sterile drapes serve to protect the surgical site from microorganisms present on the surrounding non-sterile surfaces.

What is Ioban made of?

The new 6661EZ Ioban 2 drape is made with a strong, conformable, and breathable polyester incise film coated with medical grade acrylate adhesive containing molecular iodine (Iz) as the active antimicrobial agent.

Does Ioban have Betadine in it?

Answer: Only Ioban incise drapes in barrier film packaging which is a barrier to ethylene oxide (6640EZ, 6648EZ, 6650EZ, 6651EZ, 6661EZ) can be included in Custom Procedure Packs that undergo EO sterilization. The active ingredient in Ioban 2 incise film is molecular iodine, I2.

Can surgical drape be washed?

Reprocessing reusable surgical drapes is typically carried out in an autoclave. After the drapes are washed in boiling water, they are dried, ironed and packed in a coordinating sterile packaging before being sterilised in the autoclave.

What is an incise drape?

1 Transparent (plain) incise drapes are adhesive polymer films, they act as a mechanical barrier for microorganisms on the skin surface and they help to create a sterile field. 2 Antimicrobial incise drapes are completely different. Antimicrobial incise drapes contain an antimicrobial agent.

Is there iodine in Ioban?

The active ingredient in Ioban 2 incise film is molecular iodine, I2. It is well documented that when products containing iodine, like Ioban film, come in contact with ethylene oxide, ethylene iodohydrin can be produced.