What is included in vSphere Enterprise Plus?

What is included in vSphere Enterprise Plus?

VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus includes: VMware Hypervisor or VMware ESX hypervisor architectures (deployment-time choice, VMware recommends Hypervisor), VMFS (Virtual Machine File System), 8-way Virtual SMP, VMware vCenter Server Agent, VMware vStorage APIs / VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB), VMware Update Manager.

What is vCenter operations manager?

vCenter Operations Manager is a product from VMware that comes bundled with every edition of vSphere. It is used to collect performance data from objects (such as VMs, disk drives, clusters, and datacenters) in a vSphere environment.

Does vCenter come with Enterprise Plus?

vCenter Server Standard supports an unlimited number of ESXi hosts that are licensed with vSphere Standard, vSphere Enterprise Plus, and vCloud Suite licenses. The VMware vCenter Server Standard license contains all available vCenter features.

What is the difference between VMware Enterprise and Enterprise Plus?

Enterprise Plus has all the same features as the Enterprise Edition and adds many more, such as support for Storage I/O control, Network I/O control and distributed switch support.

What is the difference between vCenter Standard and Enterprise?

vSphere Enterprise Plus Edition enhances application performance and enables resource management. vSphere Enterprise Plus could be considered a more advanced version of vSphere Standard, and allows rapid deployment and provisioning of workloads, load balancing, as well as establishing the priority of VM resources.

What is difference between vCenter and vSphere?

vSphere is an industry-level virtualization platform and a foundation for a cloud-based infrastructure. The vCenter Server is a centralized platform for managing vSphere environments. It allows you to assign custom roles to users, create new VMs, search the vCenter Server inventory, etc.

What is happening to VMware vSphere with operations management enterprise plus?

After October 15, 2018, existing vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus licenses will be fulfilled to VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus and VMware vRealize Operations Standard. This will result in a nominal increase in Support and Services (SNS) costs at the time of the next renewal for customers.

What are the features of Vcenter enterprise plus?

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What is vSphere Enterprise Plus?

VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus includes the full range of vSphere features for transforming datacenters into a simplified cloud operating environment providing the next generation of speed, security and simplicity. Technical Support, 12 Hours/Day, per published Business Hours, Monday through Friday.

Is vCenter Server part of a complete vSphere implementation?

Note: vCenter Server is a required element of a complete vSphere with Operations Management implementation and is licensed separately on a per instance basis. Find out more here.