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What is gesture recognition in image processing?

What is gesture recognition in image processing?

Gesture recognition is the fast growing field in image processing and artificial technology. The gesture recognition is a process in which the gestures or postures of human body parts are identified and are used to control computers and other electronic appliances.

What are the design issues in gesture recognition?

There are many challenges associated with the accuracy and usefulness of gesture recognition software. For image-based gesture recognition there are limitations on the equipment used and image noise. Images or video may not be under consistent lighting, or in the same location.

What are the devices used for gesture recognition?

Various wearable devices have been developed, and inertial sensors, magnetic sensors, gyro sensors, electromyography, force-sensitive resistors, and other types of sensors have been used to identify gestures.

What is hand gesture control?

Hand gesture controller design was based on stereo vision technology. Stereo vision, is meant to be the extraction of 3D information from the digital images. It is an artificial stereopsis which is followed by two cameras to obtain depth and 3D structural information.

What is gesture recognition in HCI?

Abstract: A hand gesture recognition system provide a natural, innovative and modern way of non verbal communication. It has a wide area of application in human computer interaction and sign language.

Why do we need hand gesture recognition?

Hand gesture recognition is of great importance for human computer interaction (HCI) because of its extensive applications in virtual reality and sign language recognition etc. Human hand is very smaller with very complex articulations comparing with the entire human body and therefore errors can be easily affected.

Why do we need gesture control?

Gesture control is the ability to recognize and interpret movements of the human body in order to interact with and control a computer system without direct physical contact.

What is the purpose of gesture recognition?

Gesture recognition is technology that uses sensors to read and interpret hand movements as commands. In the automotive industry, this capability allows drivers and passengers to interact with the vehicle — usually to control the infotainment system without touching any buttons or screens.

What is the need of gesture recognition?

Gesture recognition provides real-time data to a computer to make it fulfill the user’s commands. Motion sensors in a device can track and interpret gestures, using them as the primary source of data input.