What is First Nation band number?

What is First Nation band number?

The Stoney Band is identified by Number 471 and it consists of three Registry Groups under which its members are registered: Chiniki (Number 433), Bearspaw (Number 473) and Wesley (Number 475). The four lines of a postal address recognized as the First Nation’s official address.

What are the 5 First Nations groups in Manitoba?

There are 5 First Nations linguistic groups in Manitoba: Cree, Ojibway, Dakota, Ojibway-Cree and Dene. There are 7 First Nations treaties in the province. Birdtail Sioux, Sioux Valley, Canupawakpa, Dakota Tipi and Dakota Plains are not signatory to any treaty with Canada.

How many bands are there in First Nations?

There are more than 600 First Nations/Indian bands in Canada (for example, Musqueam Indian Band, in British Columbia, Sturgeon Lake First Nation, in Alberta, and Atikamekw of Manawan, in Quebec) and over 60 Aboriginal languages reported by First Nations people – an indication of the diversity of First Nations people …

What native bands are in Canada?

The Grand Council is comprised of the First Nations whose land is covered by treaty 8.

  • Alexander Band of Indians.
  • Alexis Band of Indians.
  • Beaver Band of Horse Lakes.
  • Clear Hills Band of Indians.
  • Beaver Lake Band of Indians.
  • Bigstone Band of Indians.
  • Blackfoot Band of Indians.
  • Blood Band of Indians.

What is a band number?

A unique three digit administrative code used by the Department in the Indian Register to identify a body of registered Indians. In most cases this will identify a Band, but it can also include a Self-Governing First Nation, or in some cases a sub-grouping of a larger band.

Is Cree a band?

The Cree are the largest group of First Nations in Canada, with 220,000 members and 135 registered bands. Together, their reserve lands are the largest of any First Nations group in the country.