What is elevation sauce at Elevation Burger?

What is elevation sauce at Elevation Burger?

Elevation Burger offers Elevation Sauce as an optional condiment for all of its burgers. Their Elevation Sauce is “…a creamy, tomato-based sauce that is not spicy or hot.” It contains eggs and is not vegan. The caramelized onions offered as an optional condiment are prepared on the same grill surface as beef burgers.

How many Elevation Burger locations are there?

40 locations
We’ve grown to over 40 locations nationally and internationally, with plenty more to come.

Where was the first Elevation Burger?

Falls Church, Virginia
The initial idea of an organic fast casual restaurant was conceived in 2002 by founder and owner Hans Hess. He opened the first restaurant in September 2005, in Falls Church, Virginia, and was called “the first organic burger joint” by Saveur magazine.

Is Elevation Burger Halal in USA?

Elevation Burger Promises Our burgers are made of beef that is 100% USDA-certified organic, 100% grass-fed,100% free-range, ground on premises, and 100% halal.

Are elevation burgers onion rings vegan?

Elevation Burger is not a certified vegan or certified gluten-free restaurant. A 2,000 calorie daily diet is used as the basis for general nutrition advice.

Are elevation burger buns vegan?

Buns – Their Potato, Wheat, and Hot Dog Buns are made without dairy and eggs, but they do contain soy. They also offer Udi’s gluten-free buns, which are dairy-free, and lettuce wraps.

Who owns Fatbrands?

Fog Cutter Holdings, LLCFAT Brands / Parent organization

Who started Elevation Burger?

Hans Hess
Hans Hess founded Elevation Burger in 2002 as a healthier burger concept.

Is OBE Organic Halal?

OBE Beef Pty Ltd. OBE Organic Beef is a an Australian owned, family business. We produce certified organic halal grassfed beef for export all over the world. Our company was established in 1996.

What is vegan at Elevation Burger?

All U.S.-based Elevation Burger locations are now offering a vegan milkshake made of vanilla oat milk ice cream and unsweetened almond milk. Customers can request to add in any of the restaurant’s fruit options, according to a press release.

Are Elevation Burger Fries gluten free?

In addition to serving premium, 100 percent USDA-certified organic and 100 percent grass-fed beef, Elevation Burger is the only national chain that serves gluten-free French fries cooked in heart-healthy olive oil.