What is dicofol used for?

What is dicofol used for?

Use Profile Dicofol is an organochlorine miticide/pesticide used for foliar applications, mostly on cotton, apples, and citrus crops. Other crops include: strawberries, mint, beans, peppers, tomatoes, pecans, walnuts, stonefruit, cucurbits, and non-residential lawns/ornamentals.

What is the difference between an insecticide and acaricide?

Insecticides are any substance or a mixture of substances intended to prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate insects. Similarly, acaricides are substances that can destroy mites.

Which is most effective acaricide for control of mite?

Sulfur (dusts, wettable p owders and flowable formulations) are usually highly effective acaricides for spider mites and rust mites, with two known exceptions.

What does acaricide kill?

Acaricides are chemicals used to kill ticks and mites. The term ixodicides is sometimes applied to acaricides used against ticks.

Is dicofol harmful to bees?

Effects on other organisms: Dicofol is not toxic to bees.

Is dicofol systemic?

Dicofol is an organochloride acaricide. It has a low aqueous solubility, volatile and, based on its chemical properties, is unlikely to leach to groundwater….

Pesticide type Acaricide
Known relevant impurities
Substance origin Synthetic
Mode of action Non-systemic with contact action
CAS RN 115-32-2

What is the definition acaricide?

Definition of acaricide : a pesticide that kills mites and ticks.

How often should I spray my plants with insecticide?

Rotate insecticides with different modes of action. Unless otherwise directed on the pesticide label, switch to a pesticide with a different mode of action about every 2 to 3 pest generations or about every 2–3 weeks.

Is ivermectin an acaricide?

(B.) annulatus population control has been implemented by the application of several classes of acaricides, including macrocyclic lactone (ML) derivatives such as ivermectin (IVM) [4,5].

Is acaricide safe for dogs?

A pesticide product that kills ticks is known as an acaricide. Acaricides that can be used on dogs include dusts, impregnated collars, sprays, or topical treatments. Some acaricides kill the tick on contact.

Is dicofol an insecticide?

Dicofol is an organochlorine pesticide that is chemically related to DDT. Dicofol is a miticide that is very effective against spider mite. One of the intermediates used in its production is DDT….Dicofol.

ChemSpider 7970
ECHA InfoCard 100.003.711
KEGG C14301
PubChem CID 8268