What is Corm Weevil?

What is Corm Weevil?

The banana corm weevil is a black beetle (1-1.5 cm long), which is found in debris around banana plants. Female beetles lay eggs singly in small cavities at the base of the pseudostem of the plant.

How do you control the stem borer in a banana?

Management. Spray chlorpyriphos 20 EC 2.5 ml/litre + 1 ml wetting agent or azadirachtin (5 ml/litre) 2 or 3 times at 3 week intervals. If infestation is noticed after 7 months of planting, stem injection with systemic insecticide such as imidacloprid (0.2 ml in 500 ml water) is the only way to control the pest.

What is Pseudostem in banana?

The pseudo-stem is a part of the banana plant that looks like a trunk, which consists of a soft central core and tightly wrapped up to 25 leaf sheaths. These leaf sheaths unwrap from the stem and transform to recognizable banana leaves when they have matured.

What is the scientific name for banana weevil?

Cosmopolites sordidus (banana weevil)

What eats the banana weevil?

The banana weevil is native to southeast Asia but is now found in banana crops around the world. Ants are natural predators of banana weevils.

How do you control rhizome weevil?


  1. Ensure clean cultivation.
  2. Use healthy and pest free suckers to check the pest incidence.
  3. Destroy diseased plants with rhizome.
  4. Spray methyl demeton 25 EC 0.05% or monocrotophos 36 SL 0.072%
  5. Direct the spray towards the crown and pseudostem base upto ground level.

How do I get rid of banana weevils?

Banana weevils They tunnel through the corms, which can cause plants to wilt and topple over. Eventual destruction and plant death follows. Treat the plant with neem powder to reduce their population and apply insecticide at the time of planting to control weevils.

How do you remove fiber from banana stems?

Cut the outer layers of the banana stem until it becomes difficult to peel any more. Using a sharp knife, cut into thin circular discs as shown in the picture. Remove any fiber that comes in between, using your fingers. If you plan to make juice or buttermilk, you can use it at this stage itself.

What is the meaning pseudostem?

Noun. pseudostem (plural pseudostems) (botany) A false stem made of the rolled bases of leaves. The pseudostem of the banana can be several metres tall.

What eats a banana weevil?

What does odoiporus longicollis stand for?

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Is odoiporus longicollis Oliver a pest of banana in Kerala?

Visalakshi A, Nair G M, Beevi S N, Amma A M K, 1989. Occurrence of Odoiporus longicollis Oliver (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) as a pest of banana in Kerala.

Is odoiporus longicollis found in Kathmandu?

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What is the color of longicollis?

Colour of adult O. longicollis variable, entirely black, reddish brown, or red-brown with black stripes, shining. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.