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What is Commvault AWS?

What is Commvault AWS?

In AWS Backup, a backup vault is a container that stores and organizes your backups. When creating a backup vault, you must specify the AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) encryption key that encrypts some of the backups placed in this vault. Encryption for other backups is managed by their source AWS services.

Which is the commvault tool to check the Cloud Connectivity for AWS?

First, the Commvault Virtual Server Agent (VSA) manages AWS-native data protection, for protecting file-based workloads or creating disaster recovery copies of instances.

Can S3 backup to commvault?

With Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering and the Commvault software, customers can continue to write backup data directly to an Amazon S3 bucket AND now have the ability to automatically tier infrequently-accessed blocks of those backups from higher-cost S3 tiers (such as S3 Standard) down to lower-cost tiers (such as S3- …

What is AWS backup service?

AWS Backup AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate the back up of data across AWS services in the cloud as well as on premises using the AWS Storage Gateway.

What is commvault cloud?

As a cloud data management leader, Commvault provides: Unified data management across clouds and on-premises locations. Integrated VM, container, and database migration. Rapid automated disaster recovery. Granular search, discovery and governance.

How do I restore AWS instance backup?

Navigate to the backup vault that was selected in the backup plan and select the latest completed backup. To restore the EC2 instance, click on the recovery point ARN and select the Restore button.

Is CloudEndure owned by AWS?

AWS last week acquired CloudEndure, which had been an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Published reports indicated the deal could be worth $200 million or more.

Is commvault immutable?

Commvault has an immutable architecture built on a deeply layered system of controls that work in tandem to harden data against ransomware, cyber threats, and bad internal actors.

Does AWS backup use S3?

AWS Backup works with versioned S3 buckets. Before you get started, turn on S3 Versioning on your buckets to backup. I must enable S3 in AWS Backup Settings when I use this feature for the first time. Using the AWS Management Console, I navigate to AWS Backup, then select Settings and Configure resources.

How do I restart commvault on Windows?

To remotely start or stop services on Windows client computers within a CommCell:

  1. Open the Service Control Manager.
  2. Select Retrieve Remote Clients.
  3. From the Computer field, select the client computer from which you want to stop or start the services.
  4. Click Stop or Start to stop or restart the specific service(s).