What is Bhojpur district famous for?

What is Bhojpur district famous for?

Bhojpur is one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal. It is located in the hilly region of the country. Bhojpur is famous for Nepali knives i.e Khukuri. The entire area of Bhojpur is covered with greenery hills and surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Which zone is Bhojpur?

Koshi Zone
Bhojpur District is a district of Koshi Zone, administrative headquarters of Bhojpur district is Bhojpur, situated in Eastern Development Region of Nepal.

Which district is Bhojpur in Nepal?

listen)) is one of 14 districts of Province No. 1 of eastern Nepal. The district’s area is 1,507 km2 with a population of 182,459 (2011). The administrative center is Bhojpur….Bhojpur District, Nepal.

Bhojpur District भोजपुर जिल्ला
Highest elevation 4,153 m (13,625 ft)
Lowest elevation 153 m (502 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 182,459

What is the headquarter of Bhojpur?

Now the total population of the Bhojpur (2011 Nepal census) is 7,446 spread over 13.45 square kilometres (5.19 sq mi). The headquarter of the Bhojpur District and the Bhojpur Municipality is located at ward no. 7 of the Bhojpur Municipality….Bhojpur, Nepal.

Bhojpur भोजपुर
Website www.bhojpurmun.gov.np

Who founded Bhojpur?

In 14th century Chero lost Western Bihar along with Arrah to Ujjainiya Rajputs under the leadership of Hunkar Shahi. They named the territory “Bhojpur” on the name of their ancestor Raja Bhoja.

Is Bhojpur a city?

Arrah town (also known as Ara) is the administrative headquarters of this district. Bhojpur district came into existence in 1972. Earlier it was the part of Shahabad district….Bhojpur district, India.

Bhojpur District
Country India
State Bihar
Division Patna
Headquarters Arrah

What is the state of Bhojpur?

BiharBhojpur / State

Is Bhojpur is a district?

ABOUT DISTRICT The present Bhojpur came into existence in 1972. Earlier this district was part of old Sahabad district. In the year 1972 Sahabad district was bifurcated in two parts namely Bhojpur and Rohtas. Buxar was a subdivision of old Bhojpur district.

What is the postal code of Bhojpur?

57000Bhojpur / Zip code

In which state is Bhojpuri spoken?

spoken in Bihar The Bhojpuri language has hardly any written literature but does have a considerable oral narrative tradition. Magahi too has a rich tradition of oral literature. The North and South Bihar plains also have contributed significantly to contemporary Hindi and Urdu literature.

How many Vidhan Sabha are there in Bhojpur?

Bhojpur district, India

Bhojpur District
• Vidhan Sabha constituencies show 7 seats
• Total 2,395 km2 (925 sq mi)
Population (2011)