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What is Bazaarvoice?

What is Bazaarvoice?

Bazaarvoice is a technology company that provides software that allows brands and retailers to collect and display several types of user-generated content (UGC) on their e-commerce websites.

Is Bazaarvoice free?

This free version of Connections enables you to respond to questions and view up to 25 reviews across retail partner sites in the Bazaarvoice network.

How many customers does Bazaarvoice have?

Each month in the Bazaarvoice Network, more than 900 million consumers view and share authentic content including reviews, questions and answers, and social photos across 5,700 brand and retail websites.

Where is Bazaarvoice located?

Austin, Texas
From our headquarters in Austin, Texas, to our offices across the globe, Bazaarvoice brings a people-first approach to advanced technology, connecting thousands of brands and retailers to the voices of their customers.

Does Bazaarvoice work with Walmart?

Walmart and Bazaarvoice have partnered to help brands build powerful user-generated content programs on Bazaarvoice connects brands and retailers to consumers so that every shopping experience feels personal.

How does Bazaarvoice make money?

Bazaarvoice matches brand content to the product catalogs at retailer websites. Brands sell their products on a diverse set of retail sites. Matching hundreds of thousands of products across thousands of retailer and brand catalogs is tricky.

Does bazaarvoice work with Walmart?

Is try it sampling legit?

Yes. To ensure authenticity, any reviews gathered through this program are badged to signify a free product was received.

Who does bazaarvoice syndicate with?

27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Bazaarvoice and Yotpo jointly announced a partnership that will provide Yotpo’s brand clients the ability to seamlessly syndicate customer ratings and reviews and visual user-generated content (UGC) to more than 1,900 retailer sites in the Bazaarvoice Network.

What is the Walmart spark review program?

Walmart’s Spark Reviewer and Spark Activities are invite-only programs that give loyal Walmart shoppers free stuff for their honest opinions. By becoming an active reviewer on Walmart’s product pages, you too can increase your likelihood of catching Walmart’s eye and being chosen for these lucrative programs.

Who is the CEO of Bazaarvoice?

Keith Nealon
As Chief Executive Officer, Keith Nealon oversees the strategic direction of Bazaarvoice. With over twenty years of experience accelerating growth in global technology companies, Keith is a seasoned entrepreneur with demonstrated success across management, sales, marketing, services, and technology roles.