What is Baghmara famous?

What is Baghmara famous?

This place is famous for its tasty fish and has a historical sea trading connection with Bangladesh. It is also a native place of the first Chief Minister of Meghalaya Captain Williamson Sangma and he always represented Baghmara constituency….Baghmara, India.

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Where is balpakram sanctuary located?

South Garo Hills District
The park also includes the Balpakram plateau and adjacent forests. Balpakram is a place of perpetual winds, covering an area of about 220 sq. km with a variety of wildlife including tigers, elephants, bison, black bear, leopards, sambar deer. It is situated near Baghmara in South Garo Hills District of Meghalaya.

What is the area of Baghmara Reserve Forest?

Area : 220 Sq.km.

How many sanctuaries are there in Meghalaya?

The protected area network in Meghalaya occupies 1133.9 Sq Km area which constitute about 5.06 % of the State’s Geographical Area. The Protected Area Network includes 2 national Parks, 4 wildlife Sanctuaries and 1 Biosphere Reserve playing an important role in in-situ conservation of Biodiversity.

What are the four wildlife sanctuary in Meghalaya?

Some of them are Balpakram national park, Siju wildlife sanctuary, Baghmara reserve forest, Nongkhyllem wildlife sanctuary.

Where is Nongkhyllem located?

Notes: The Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary (NWS) is located near Lailad village in the Ri Bhoi district of Meghalaya and covers an area of 29 square kilometres.

How do I get from Shillong to Balpakram National Park?

The best way to reach Balpakram national park is via Tura which is approximately 156 km away. By Road: Once you reach Guwhati or Goalpara town, you can avail night super buses from Guwhati or day buses from Goalpara towards Tura. From Tura, you need to hire an SUV towards Baghmara.

Is Baghmara a district?

South Garo Hills District is one of the newest districts in the State after creation of Meghalaya. The creation of this district was declared on 1st June 1992 by bifurcating it from the erstwhile West Garo Hills District. Its total area is 1887 Sq Kms.

How many Panchayat are there in Baghmara?

Baghmara CD Block has an area of 267.55 km2 (103.30 sq mi). It has 71 gram panchayats and 227 villages.

Who is the Baghmara DC?

Deputy Commissioner, South Garo Hills, Baghmara
Shri. F. M. Dopth, IAS +91 3636 234292(O) dc-sgh-meg@nic.in

What is the state animal of Meghalaya?

Clouded leopardMeghalaya / Official animal

What are the three wildlife sanctuary in Meghalaya?