What is AXI Uartlite?

What is AXI Uartlite?

Product Description. The LogiCORE™ IP AXI Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) Lite interface connects to the Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA®) specification’s Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI) and provides the controller interface for asynchronous serial data transfer.

What is MicroBlaze soft processor?

MicroBlaze is a 32-bit soft RISC processor core, created to accelerate the development of cost-sensitive, high-volume applications that traditionally required one or more microcontrollers.

Is MicroBlaze open source?

Open source In June 2009, MicroBlaze became the first soft-CPU architecture to be merged into the mainline Linux kernel source tree.

What is MicroBlaze used for?

MICRO-BLAZE® is a liquid formulation of several microbial strains, surfactants and nutrients designed to digest organics and hydrocarbons in soil and water as well as control odors. 1. Application Method: Use normal spray equipment, fire or response equipment, eductor setups, water trucks, etc.

What is the advantage of MicroBlaze?

With the MicroBlaze processor, the designer can choose a higher-performance processor preset, change the configuration parameters of the processor, or make changes to the mix of peripherals in the system, all without changing the device package or the PCB.

What can MicroBlaze do?

Micro-Blaze® Emergency Liquid Spill Control is a safe, non-toxic, microbial formulation used for bioremediation of hydrocarbons and other organic compounds. It breaks down, degrades, and digests organic waste while also suppressing vapors and eliminating flammability.

What is a MicroBlaze design?

MicroBlaze is Xilinx’s 32-bit RISC soft processor core, optimized for embedded applications on Xilinx devices. Designs with multiple processors can be debugged simultaneously using the Xilinx Software Development Kit (SDK).

What is MicroBlaze MCS?

MicroBlaze™ Micro Controller System (MCS) is a complete standalone processor system intended for controller applications. It is highly integrated and includes the MicroBlaze processor, local memory for program and data storage as well as a tightly coupled IO module implementing a standard set of peripherals.

What is an ELF file vivado?

Elf file is the executable. it’s generated after compilation & buid process in SDK. You should be more specific with your problem if you want some help.

What is a soft processor core?

A soft-core processor is a hardware description language (HDL) model of a specific processor (CPU) that can be customized for a given application and synthesized for an ASIC or FPGA target.