What is Audi speed control?

What is Audi speed control?

Audi adaptive cruise control is a “hands-on” system that enhances comfort, particularly on long journeys—by assisting the driver with acceleration and braking plus maintaining speed and following distance—and keeps the car in its lane at highway speeds and during traffic jam situations.

How do I use cruise control on my Audi A4?

Activate To activate, pull the control stalk toward you (ON position). At your desired speed, press the SET button at the end of the stalk. The set speed and the illuminated CRUISE indicator light are shown in the driver information system.

When should you allow for the effects of a speed limiter?

When should you consider the effect a speed limiter will have on your vehicle? Explanation: Plan well ahead before overtaking. Be aware that a speed limiter may cause you difficulties when overtaking another vehicle, particularly when climbing a hill.

What is Audi adaptive cruise assist?

Audi adaptive cruise assist. Adaptive cruise control with stop & go helps accelerate, brake and maintain speed and distance. Adaptive cruise assist uses radar, camera, laser scanner, and ultrasonic sensors to continuously monitor the environment and help assist with highway driving.

Does my car have cruise control?

In most vehicles, the buttons that control the cruise control system appears on the steering wheel. You should check your owner’s manual and locate these buttons when the car is not being driven to avoid an accident. After the cruise control system is activated, set the cruise control.

How do I activate my Audi traffic jam?

You can use the controls on the multi-function steering wheel link► to call up the Driver assist display. To activate the traffic jam assist, press the button Fig. 133► and switch on the adaptive cruise control link►.

Does Audi A4 2009 have cruise control?

Despite the modest size the A4 comes well-equipped with leather, moonroof and automatic climate control as standard. Features normally associated with big luxury cars are available. Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and a half-kilowatt surround-sound system come standard.

Does Audi A4 2012 have cruise control?

As noted above, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, rear camera, and park assist are available on some models; quattro all-wheel drive is standard on Avant and S4, and available on any A4 sedan.